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Fast growth 50

The team here at Hilltop HQ are donning our party hats today and- yes- we’re literally buzzing with excitement!

We’re so incredibly proud to announce that we’ve made it into the top 20 of Wales’ fastest growing companies, as part of their Fast Growth 50 list! As you can imagine, we’re over the moon to find ourselves at number 15 on the list- and it really is all down to the amazing Hilltop team that works so hard, our amazing bees and, of course, YOU! Thank you!

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Happy woman using Hilltop Lip Balm

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Some of you may be happily humming along to Christmas songs in the supermarkets, some may be eagerly awaiting the Christmas lights switch on… and let’s face it, some of you may be completely burying your heads in the sand!! Black Friday is usually the starting point for many of us- so whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying it any more. It’s time to think about Christmas shopping.

Forget white- this year, we’d love more of us to take on the challenge to make it a green Christmas. Consider this your very quick guide to sustainable gifting.

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Honey remedy for cold

Regular readers and customers will agree- that to say we’re HUGE fans of honey here at Hilltop HQ is more than a little bit of an understatement! But did you know it’s not just the super sweet deliciousness that has us buzzing with excitement? Of course, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a slice of thick toast slathered in honey (yum!), but our precious bees actually provide us with a lot more than just food. Honey has been used in natural medicine for centuries now- so we thought we’d share a little more about its super powers. Here are just two ways to use honey as a natural remedy… let us know if you try it too!

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The team here at Hilltop HQ are in a party mood once again, as we get ready to celebrate World Porridge Day with Honey! Every year on October 10th, the world unites in a bid to raise money for Mary’s Meals, a charity that was set up in Scotland to aid starving children in developing countries.

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Hilltop Organic Honey Range Landscape 1

We’re well into the swing of September now, and here at Hilltop HQ we have to admit that we actually prefer this time of the year! There’s just something about a slightly more crisp morning, a little earlier evening and the opportunity to start lighting candles, snuggling up and feeling cosy! But of course, September marks the beginning of something else too- the Organic September campaign! Not sure what it’s all about? Read on to find out…

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Z6 A0747 2

We’re in a festive mood here at Hilltop Honey as we celebrate our 10th birthday! Wow! 10 whole years, doing what we love most- how lucky are we?! In honour of such a huge milestone, we thought we’d take a look back at our super sweet journey so far, all that we’ve achieved and our plans for the future…

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