Honey of the World

Loyal customers and regular readers will know already that one of our best-loved sayings here at Hilltop HQ is ‘there’s more to honey’… and this week we’re going to explain why! We’re looking at just a few of the different varieties when it comes to honey of the world- and who knows, you might just discover a brand new favourite!

Variety is the spice of life

Ok, so it’s a bit of a cliched saying, but there’s so much truth in it! Variety truly is the spice of life- that definitely gives it all its flavour. And never more so than when it comes to honey! All honey is not created equal and the range of flavour, colours and textures are testament to this indeed. So what gives each variety their unique characteristics? It’s all due to location and season.

The season dictates where bees get their nectar and pollen, and the blooming plants in the area play a major role too. The combination of these two factors contribute towards the flavour, colour and texture of the honey- amazing, huh?

Observing honey at home

You too can be a honey detective! Follow these easy steps:

  • Take note of the colour. Hold your honey up to the light and see if you can describe it.
  • Take a good sniff- does it remind you of anything? Perhaps its a fairly bright, citrusy smell? Or maybe its more sweet?
  • Observe the texture. Is it thick and smooth, or clear and runny?
  • Taste it- the best part for sure!

Now do you see how amazing and unique each different honey can be?

A little on our Single Origin Honeys

We’re more than just passionate about honey here at Hilltop HQ. We’re positively buzzing about it! Here at Hilltop, we’d love you to sample them all- so here’s a really quick guide to help you decide which to try first!

Bulgarian Coriander Honey. This one is a real crowd pleaser, particular because its so versatile when used in cooking. Our beloved Bulgarian Coriander Honey is gathered by bees from the the whimsical impels of coriander, a gorgeous aromatic herb native to Bulgaria. Its 100% pure and natural with a dark, amber colour and a rich herbal flavour. One to add to savoury dishes for sure.

Spanish Lavender Honey. This one is a little more delicate but no less amazing, thanks to it’s sweet, gently aromatic flavour. The Spanish Lavender Honey is derived from beautiful lanveder fields in Spain and is, again, 100% natural and pure. Its a very subtle tasting runny honey that is just begging to br drizzled over greek yogurt…. Yum!

Uruguayan Eucalyptus Honey. What can we say?! If you like speciality honey then our Uruguayan Eucalyptus Honey is one that you just have to try. Brought to you by bees who forage the nectar of the flowering eucalyptus tree in Uruguay, this one has a wonderful deep amber colour, with the most making woody taste. Try it next time you have cheese and biscuits, and thank us later.

Spanish Orange Blossom Honey. Wow. The Spanish Orange Blossom Honey is derived from the beautifully sweet and enticing nectar of the blossoming orange groves in Spain, and its full of sunshine and light. With a pure golden colour and a light, floral flavour subtle enough to delight the tastebuds… try this one blended into a light sponge cake for a fruity citrus treat!

Manuka Honey MGO 50+. A true best-seller and famous with those in the know, our Manuka Honey is really rather special. Our super-hero bees forage the Manuka bush, native to New Zealand, to bring you this most spectacular dark, herbal, amber honey. Its pure and natural, authentic Manuka Honey, carefully sourced from the best New Zealand beekeepers and we test it twice (yes, twice!) To certify its authenticity. And if you’re wondering what the MGO 50+ is all about… Hilltop Manuka Honey is measured using the MOG rating. MGO stands for merhylglyoxal, a naturally occurring compound that gives the honey its oh-so special properties. The higher the MGO rating, the greater the antibacterial strength present within the honey.

So the only question remaining now is: which are you going to try first?!