what is MANUKA honey?

Made from bees that forage the Manuka bush in
New Zealand, Manuka Honey is certainly very special. The Manuka bush has a long history when it comes to herbal medicine and was used by native Maoris to help wounds heal. But the honey that the bees produced from the Manuka bush wasn’t really understood until much later, when specific research revealed just how
potent it could be! Since then, lots of studies have been conducted and scientists have been fascinated by the results.


health benefits

Manuka honey is now widely known to have such an
array of health benefits that set it apart from other variations - which have a lots of pretty awesome health benefits themselves too!

Manuka honey has long since been used to heal wounds, and many still use it for this purpose today.

what makes it so special?

So what exactly is it that makes Manuka honey so special and how exactly does it perform these ‘miracles’ daily? As with other forms of honey, Manuka honey’s acidic properties work hard to promote healing, blocking enzymes that break down the proteins and peptides the body needs to repair itself. This, coupled with the high sugar concentration in honey, helps to protect wounds. And if that wasn’t enough, Manuka honey is also able to draw moisture from wounds, helping to remove waste  and bacteria - thus speeding up the healing process.

Manuka honey has been used as a natural antibiotic for centuries. Manuka has a natural substance called MGO (methylgloxal). The higher the MGO content of the honey, the more active the antibacterial properties.


why is manuka so expensive?


Another factor that affects the price is due to the fact that Manuka honey is graded according to its MGO content. That means that each jar produced is tested and certified so that you know exactly what you’re getting. The higher the MGO content, the higher the price… and the greater the anti-bacterial activity present within the honey.

You can rest assured that here at Hilltop, we carry out authenticity testing on all of our honey to ensure it's the best it can be and that it meets all aspects of the honey regulations.

Our Manuka Honey is natural, authentic and carefully sourced from the best New Zealand beekeepers. We actually test twice to certify its authenticity!