Giving Back

We aim to put our community at the centre of everything we do. With our charitable donations, sponsorships and partnerships, we hope to improve both the social and environmental landscape for our local community. From our bee welfare policy, to our local charity support, we are a business for good, not just for profit.

Hilltop Community Fund


Hilltop are launching a £10,000 community fund for local initiatives and projects who are looking to improve the social and environmental landscape of Newtown and the surrounding area. Initiatives and projects can apply for up to £2,500 in funding.


We are looking for project and initiatives that are located within 15 miles of Newtown, Powys. Successful applicants will use the funding to purchase resources that will improve the environmental and/or social environment of the local area.


Fill in the form below and we'll reach out with further information soon!

1. About You- Please let us know a little about who you are, where you're from and anything you'd like us to know about you.

2. Overview and expected results of project- Please provide an overview of the project and what it plans to achieve

3. Target Beneficiaries- Who are you planning to help or what are you hoping to improve?

4. Budget- Please provide the amount you require and a brief breakdown of how you will spend the funding


At Hilltop we understand the importance of bees and the role that they play in nature. We are passionate about their future and always putting their welfare and needs first. We do this by ensuring both ourselves and beekeepers we work with adhere to our Bee Welfare Policy.

honey in a pot
honey in a pot


As a business, we have a responsibility to safeguard the future for everyone; the planet, humans and bees. We do this through carefully selected suppliers, sourcing fully traceable honey and sustainable packaging and maintaining zero food waste production at Hilltop HQ.


We believe that the food industry has an important role to play in championing organic farming and food production, which is why we work closely with theSoil Associationto offer an Organic range that tastes delicious and is kind to the environment to.

honey in a pot
honey in a pot


Here at Hilltop, we’re doing everything we can to sustainably source our packaging. All our outer packaging isFSCregistered and our glass jars, plastic bottles and caps are all recyclable. We’re busy working on the rest and we hope that our customers will help us on this journey, by making the decision to recycle or reuse.

Disclosure of Financial and In-kind Contributions

Hilltop does not donate to any political parties, politicians, lobby groups or advocacy groups.

Charitable Partnership:

We donate 25% of the profit from Adopt a Bee sales to the Honeypot Charity