honey authenticity

Here at Hilltop we are committed to providing safe, quality, pure & natural honey and syrups to the UK and bee-yond.

We carry out authenticity testing on all of our honey to ensure it is the best it can be and that it meets all aspects of the Honey Regulations.

Our in-house testing allows us to deal with individual beekeepers and beekeeping co-operatives to obtain specialist honeys from all over the world.

100% pure & natural


We have strict testing standards to ensure every bottle is as simple & authentic as it is straight from the hive. Every batch can be traced directly back to the beekeepers from which it came and we carefully test every batch TWICE ensuring quality and unadulterated honey with every drop.

Honey Authenticity Testing

what do we test for?

By law, honey can't have anything added to it, have pollen removed or been treated in a way that changes its acidity levels or damages the natural enzymes. All our products are stringently tested for authenticity, quality and food safety. But what do we actually test for?

For Manuka we also test DNA markers and MGO profile.

Our guarantee

certified honey

  • Our honey meets the highest standards and our blend delivers the best taste in every bottle/jar.
  • Our factory maintains the highest unannounced BRCGS certification rating.
  • Our organic products are verified as organic by the Soil Association.
  • Our Kosher products are verified as Kosher by London Beth Din.
  • Our products meet The Honey (England) Regulations act of 2015.