Hilltop Energy Original Energy Gel with Added Caffeine

🍯Made with natural ingredients - including Caffeine!
🏃‍♀️20 - 30 minutes of natural energy.
❤️Natural source of carbohydrates.
💧Naturally promotes hydration.

Made using only natural ingredients, Hilltop Energy Gels are light on the stomach whilst giving you that boost of energy you need for any workout, naturally. Each 30g sachet is packed with 22gm of carbohydrates, with honey’s carbohydrate profile our gels give you the optimum amount of energy needed to fuel your sporting needs with 20-30 minutes of natural energy, promotes hydration and is proven to improve endurance performance.

Why honey? Micronutrients and minerals within honey have antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties without adding any artificial ingredients. Our gels also have added potassium and salt which helps replace electrolytes whilst sweating.

Have confidence in every workout knowing that each batch of Hilltop Energy’s fast-absorbing Energy Gels are tested and Informed Sport certified, giving you the confidence and reassurance that you’re fuelling your body the right way.

A firm favourite with athletes, Hilltop Energy Gels are easy to carry, easy to use, easy to digest and are the perfect boost to consume pre-race/workout and throughout prolonged bouts of exercise, consume 1 to 3 gels per hour to help you perform to your very best and always keep hydrated whilst exercising.

Choose from; Original Flavour, Strawberry Flavour, Blueberry Flavour, Manuka, and Original with Added Caffeine.

Honey (98.84%), Sea Salt, Caffeine (100mg).

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 1270kJ/303kcal;
Fat: 0g
of which saturates 0g;
Carbohydrate: 75g
of which sugars 75g;
Fibre 0g;
Protein 0g;
Salt 0.83g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christina Lyon
Great and easy on the stomach

I tested these out the week before my first ultra recently then had two on the ultra course. They were easy to take, not sticky and went down well. I didn't really want any of the sweet treats available on the aid stations, so these went down a treat.

Becca Gibbs
Power to the honey

I'm not normally a gel person but thought I'd give these a whirl being honey.... I just ran the London marathon.. Took this gel last 10k to go.. And it could be coincidence or just a miricle.. It was my fastest 10k..and knocked 20mins off last year's marathon. So if this little honey gel helped me get my pbs then they be coming along with me on every race.
✌️ 🍯

Hi Becca,

Congratulations on taking part in the London Marathon! big big achievement and we love that you took us on the run with you! Thank you for your lovely review and we hope you continue to love our gels - Hilltop

Just the thing

Great taste, contains nothing nasty, worked a treat. Will continue to use for distance running.


Here at Hilltop Energy we take our products as seriously as you take your performance. Backed by experts in the field we have created a unique range of Gels with all natural ingredients you can trust. We have taken a no-nonsense approach containing only 2 base ingredients; Honey and Salt – that’s it!

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Hilltop Energy Gels give you the fuel to push your boundaries and be the best you can be. Filled with honey to bring you added antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Available in 3 flavours, Original, Strawberry and Blueberry. Whatever your goals are – we can fuel you to get there. Earn your stripes with Hilltop Energy.

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