Elderflower Orange Blossom Cordial

Elderflower and Orange Blossom Cordial

Mix just a little bit of this cordial with anything that you want (water, lemonade to give it that fizz etc.) You will have a flavourful and fruity drink. The best thing about the elderflower and orange blossom cordial is that the bottle will last longer than any usual drink because you only have to add a tiny bit of it to each drink.

2880 mins

Serves 1


  • 25-30 fresh elderflower heads (clusters)
  • 150 ml orange blossom honey
  • 2 lemons cut into quarters
  • 2 oranges cut into quarters
  • 3 l of cold water
  • 1 clean, dry muslin or jelly bag for straining
  • Sterilised bottles


  1. Remove the big stalks from your elderflower heads and give the flowers a good shake to dislodge any insects that might be lurking.
  2. In a large saucepan or bowl add your cold water and honey and stir to dissolve (no need to heat)
  3. Add your chopped up lemons and oranges and then your elderflower. Stir to mix ensuring all flowers are covered by the water.
  4. Cover with a lid or cloth and leave for 24 hours. Don’t be worried if the mix smells a bit odd at this point, once it’s infused overnight it will smell amazing!
  5. Remove the flowers and lemons with a spoon and strain your cordial through a muslin cloth or jelly bag.
  6. Taste – and add more honey if you need to or prefer it sweeter.
  7. Transfer to sterilised bottles and keep in the fridge!