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British Honey Gift Set

The perfect gift taster set of our 100% pure and natural British Honeys, including:

British Blossom Honey 340g
Welsh Blossom Honey 227g
Scottish Heather Honey 227g


Why choose British Honey Gift Set

Nut Free
Reuse & Recycle
Perfect for Everyday
Pure & Natural
Single Origin

Product Description

All 3 of the honey's in this set are 100% pure and natural

British Blossom Honey

Hilltop British Blossom Honey is gathered by bees from a wonderful mix of blossoms, sourced from beekeepers, across the rural landscapes and picturesque countryside’s of Great Britain.

Welsh Blossom Honey

Bees forage the ancient landscapes of legends, myths and dragons to bring you this rare, golden nectar. Add a spoonful of Hilltop Honey Welsh Blossom Honey to your breakfast and taste the adventure.

Scottish Heather Honey

Hilltop Honey Scottish Heather Honey is expertly gathered by bees that visit the legendary flower of Scotland, Heather. Extremely unique texture, strong flavour and a long-lasting floral taste.

Nutritional Information

British Blossom, Welsh Blossom & Scottish Heather Honey

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1306kJ/307kcal;

Fat<0.5g of which saturates <0.1g;

Carbohydrate 76g of which sugars 76g;

Fibre <0.5g;

Protein <0.5g;

Salt 0.03g