We carry out authenticity testing on honey to ensure it is the best it can be and that it meets all aspects of the Honey Regulations.

We test against the Honey Regulations 2015 - must pass specific compositional criteria to be considered 'Honey'.

We test for authenticity with various tests that check for corn & cane sugars, rice syrups, foreign colours and pollen identification to confirm floral and geographical origin of the honey.

We go above and beyond testing that is expected by keeping up to date on developing tests such as NMR & LC-HRMS.

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Hilltop is committed to providing safe, quality honey and maple syrup. To ensure that the highest standards are maintained, we are BRCGS V8 grade A registered with KLBD and the Soil Association. And as you would expect, Hilltop has a 100% chemical free production process.


We’re so proud of our award-winning range, with tastes and flavours from across the UK and around the world. From our Single Origin Honey to our Manuka Honey and our Blossom Honey, perfect for everyday. Why not have a go at one of our delicious recipe suggestions or find out more about our favourite pairings.

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