We’re Carbon Neutral

Here at Hilltop Honey, we’re proud to be an accredited carbon neutral company by Climate Partner, and every single day we’re taking active steps to keep it that way.

What is a carbon neutral company?

A company becomes carbon neutral when they balance out the carbon dioxide they release into the atmosphere, by offsetting it with other activities that either absorb or remove carbon dioxide instead.

Why does this matter?

Damage caused by CO2 emissions means that climate change is a real threat to our future.

For us here at Hilltop, being carbon neutral means we’re doing all that we can to protect our bees, our communities (local and globally) and the future of our planet.

What are we doing?

We are constantly work to reduce our carbon emissions, both through changing everyday production & delivery processes.

We follow a strict recycling policy here at Hilltop HQ; we only use FSC certified cardboard in our offices and for our packaging; at our Newtown site, we have charging points for electric cars- to support greener vehicle choices for staff; we operate a bike stand and cycle to work scheme so that staff have the option to ditch the drive to work altogether.

We also support national and international projects to offset our carbon emissions. These initiatives make an invaluable contribution towards reducing carbon emissions and in turn limiting the damage on the planet.

The projects we support

As an accredited carbon neutral company, we’re proud to support a selection of certified carbon offset projects that aim to assist communities who are bearing the brunt when it comes to the impact of climate change.

The fact is, many developing countries are suffering due to the carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere, from all around the globe- but the positive act of carbon offsetting can be done anywhere. We have the power to support communities and ecosystems on the other side of the world!

Carbon Offset & Regional Tree Planting

This is an international carbon offset project combined with the Woodland Carbon Code to support creation projects in the UK. It’s vital for sustainable forest management locally, and means that we are able to help support both the UK woodlands and tropical rainforests in Colombia.

The project aims to establish and protect eco-systems for local wildlife- essential for our beloved bees and other pollinators, who rely on the plants in these ecosystems to survive. It also aims to restore and create sustainable habitats for future generations to come.

Alongside the woodland creation in the UK, this project protects 100,000 hectares of tropical rainforest in Madre de Dios, helping local communities to sustain the area and protect the biodiversity.

Forest Protection

With an estimated reduction of 3,622,000 tonnes of carbon emissions, this project works with communities in Colombia to avoid deforestation.

Alongside protecting 1,150,200 hectares of tropical forests, the initiative provides education, healthcare, sanitation, food security and nutrition for 16,000 indigenous people. It does this by protecting the biodiversity of the forests, training communities to improve living conditions and  encouraging sustainable economic growth.

Preservation of tropical forests is essential. The vegetation and soil that grows there can store very high amounts of carbon and maintaining the area helps to offset emissions globally.

Wind Energy

This project works to install and maintain 14 power pants in north-eastern Brazil, with the aim to provide clean, renewable electricity to the area. This directly reduces carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating the use of harmful fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Not only is wind energy considered to be emission-free but it plays a vital role in lowering carbon emissions and reducing harmful air pollutants too.

Overall, our contributions towards these projects have offset the equivalent of 301,000kg CO2- that’s the same as the yearly carbon footprint of 43 average global citizens, 323,656 machine wash cycles or 358 economy flights from London to New York!

Whether your overall carbon emissions are reduced, or whether you eliminate them altogether- the net result is the same. What we do here and now will make real changes for lots of communities around the world who are hugely suffering due to climate change.

That’s what we’re doing, how about you?

Fighting climate change requires everyone and there are lots of easy ways that you can help to reduce your carbon footprint at home.

Know how big your footprint is

If you’re not sure how much your daily activities ‘cost’, you can use this calculator to find out, and discover ways that you can offset the emissions.

Plant a tree or flowers

You can easily donate to plant a tree via the National Trust. Planting trees help to offset carbon emissions. Not only do they give us shade but they require little maintenance and actively absorb carbon too.

Ecosystems around the world need bees and other pollinators to survive. Many farmers rely on bees to pollinate crops, and other creatures rely on bees to create food for them. Planting bee-friendly flowers like heather and lavender will help to keep the balance.

Community Fund

Community is at the heart of everything we do here at Hilltop Honey. Through our Community Fund, we’re supporting a number of local initiatives working to make real, positive changes. We’re doing this because we want to give back to our local community and support improvement of our social and economic landscape. The recipients are Newtown Fire Cadets, Havenmore Hedgehog Rescue, Newtown Food Surplus and Ponthafren Mental Health Charity.

Goals, tracking our progress and letting us know how we are doing

We’re constantly working to improve the way we work and we’re always striving to do better. We will be setting targets in September that will push us to improve. This will also give you the opportunity to hold us accountable and make sure we achieve what we pledge to do.

You can find out more about how others view our sustainability actions on Wherefrom, how we compare to other household brands and also leave us a review or message too.