Organic Blossom Honey

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At Hilltop, we bring the best honey from nature to your home. This Blossom Honey is the perfect addition to lazy Sunday morning breakfasts, drizzled on porridge, toast and great in your bakes.

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Size: Squeezy - 720g




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Phyllis Channer
Bottle top

Sadly I have had to stop buying this lovely honey, due to the flip top lid. I have arthritic thumbs, and do struggle with these lids normally, on all sorts of hoods. But my last bottle. I just could not open. So sad. 😞😞😞

Hi there, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the flip top lid. We understand how difficult it can be for those with arthritis to open certain lids. We value your feedback and will make sure to pass it along to our team for consideration. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Neil Pickup
Real honey assured

I was attracted to hilltop because i felt confident it was pure honey and not 50% syrup like some thats been written about. It tastes great and i personally feel pure honey will be better for you. Ordering and delivery quick.

Hi there! Thank you for your lovely review of our Organic Blossom Honey. We're glad to hear that you appreciate the purity of our product and that it tastes great. We believe that pure honey is not only delicious, but also better for your health.

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Thanks again for choosing Hilltop for your honey needs!

Penny Dare
First time trying this brand.

The blossom honey was not what I expected. Loved it and I even told my husband about it. Price is compatible. Great product. Value for your money.

Hi Penny - thank you for your wonderful review, amazing to know you love it as much as we do!

Easily my favourite honey! Incredible

This honey is FANTASTIC!
I've been shoving this in everyones faces since I discovered it, easily the best honey I've ever had. If you think about how honey tastes, floral and sweet, most honey is more sweet than floral. Not a fan in general, I thought, until I had this brand that flipped the switch and I haven't touched any sugar since. Whatever blend of flowers contributes to the depth of flavour in this stuff is genuinely perfect, hats off to the bees on this one.

I bake with it, put it in tea, coffee, lemonade, gingerbeer, brownies, on pancakes, in porridge, on a spoon on its own, on bread with butter - you name it. I'm getting through this in no time and sound actually insane but I really love this stuff.

Only issues I've had are with finding more: it's stocked less and less on shelves where I could find it reliably (and it's not due to lack of demand, it would always get decimated after restock). And the awesome thing is that it's actually ORGANIC! Wild.

Buy it, keep Hilltop pumping out this liquid gold.

Hi N.P,

Thank you for your lovely review!

We're buzzed to know you're a fan of our products and love to bake with them too (the perfect ingredient!)

We hope you continue to enjoy our products :)


Sal A
Fantastic company with great honey.

We love using Hilltop honey for our family's honey. Beautiful tasting ans high quality honey. Hilltop are a highly reputable business with impeccable honey. Their customer service is second to none. Thank you.

We really appreciate your lovely review! It is always grateful to us to have loyal customers such as yourself and we do hope you continue to enjoy our honey! - Hilltop