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I have had hilltop honey for several years, I order the 2.5 kg tubs, as its so good and don't want to run out. I prefer the English blossom, for its taste.

Amber Maple Syrup
David Webber
Maple Syrup

Ordered 5 Bottles all delivered quickly Good quality product excellent service

Gorgeous honey

I just love your honey, thank you

Great flavour

Lovely Honey and enjoyed daily. Highly recommend. Will be ordering regularly.

Excellent product

Really lovely Honey. Great in our daily yoghurt. Highly recommend.

Carob Syrup
Ivy Bingham
Brilliant natural sweetener

This is a brilliant,natural sweetener without flavouring and has a lot less carbs. I bought initial one from Aldi and couldn’t find any other shop that sold as Aldi had out of it so I ordered from your company via the internet and was amazed at the quick delivery. Thank you

hilltop blossom honey

Hilltop blossom honey is advertised here, and on amazon, as "a blend of EU and Non-EU Honeys." On same amazon page, Hilltop states "it is 100% Honey" and on this page, it reads "pure and natural." However, my Hilltop blossom honey container says "blend of Non-EU honeys" -- with no EU honeys listed. I just recieved my order and It does not taste like 100% pure honey to me -- it tastes like a blend of honey and sugar syrup. I looked online and found that most Non-EU Honeys are from China, whereas most Chinese honeys are diluted with sugary sweeteners -- and dangerous antibiotics have been found in many Chinese honeys. I am no loner comfortable consuming this honey and have wasted £17. I would like my money back please? John

All as expected.

As usual all honey delicious and interesting.
However packaging a little careless and some spillage.

lovely taste

Lovely tasting honey, service from Hilltop was brilliant as usual but delivery company used this time were useless, box was damaged and delivered to local shop instead of main address.

Bargain Great Tast

Great Taste

Organic Acacia Honey
Fiona Wallace
Lovely honey

I simply love your acacia honey so sad you’ve sold out! Thank you to the bees for working so hard.

Manuka honey

I recently purchased this honey. It has a taste like no other. It’s thick. It’s beautiful. It’s delicious. It’s pure luxury. Thank you so very much x


Love this honey! Delicate flavour , I’ve now converted my mum.

Great lip balm

Love the packaging, lovely and smooth , has really helped the condition of my lips.

Welcome addition to the market

The product is good and the price better.

Cut Comb Slab
Andrew Parkinson
Excellent product

I have enjoyed just. Teaspoonful of the Honeycomb every morning and thoroughly enjoyed the taste an, I think, the benefits in combatting winter colds. This is an excellent product with a wonderful, natural taste

Blossom Hooney

A lovely Honey and would recommend buying this from Hilltop.

Organic Agave Nectar
Agave Nectar

Lovely taste and well worth buying.

Can't wait for it to be back in stock!!

My wife and I LOVE tyhe tasteof all Hilltop honey's, but are particularly fond of this one . . . all the way from Northern Canada!

Carob Syrup
Kay Ratcliffe
Best sugar replacement

I discovered this in my local Aldi store. I have tried every sweetener going and hate them all. I was using honey in my tea and coffee but I know this isn't the best option. I didn't expect much from this and thought there would be some nasty aftertaste. How wrong I was. Love this in all my drinks. No aftertaste. Nice and sweet without having to use too much. My only issue is that Aldi don't stock it now so will have to find it elsewhere.


Great product, I use constantly as suffer with dry lips all year round. This is nice and thick & goes on forever!!! Also environmentally friendly 👍

Top Quality

Amazing Manuka at an amazing price. Perfect helping support your natural immune system, works wonders for colds and sore throats + more.

Simply the best

Top quality honey carefully sourced and sold at a great price. Excellent customer service and you will certainly want to buy again as I have.

Delicious honey!

Just enjoyed a delicious breakfast with this honey. Lovely flavour!

My order..

Hi recieved my bundle of different honeys .. they are amazing, the taste is out of this world .
Usually get my honey from the supermarket but no more , i will be using Hilltop Honey for my future purchases, its amazing how a small business can produce honey like this