Blossom Honey


There's the everyday honey you like and there's Hilltop Honey you'll love.

Why is our honey so bee-rilliant?
🏆 Great Taste Award 2022 Winner
🍯 Amber in colour, bursting with flavour
🐝 100% pure and natural
✅ Tested for authenticity
😇 Dairy, Nut & Gluten Free

Spread it. Drizzle it. Stir it. Enjoy it.

Hilltop Blossom Honey is gathered by bees from a wonderful mix of wild blossoms found around the EU and outside of it. This simple everyday honey is one of our best sellers and a favourite for honey lovers across the UK. Amber in colour and bursting with flavour it’s no wonder this honey was awarded a Great Taste award in 2021.

Our Blossom is the most versatile honey within our range perfect for a variety of baking and breakfast recipes and a sweet addition to any dish.

Hilltop Blossom Honey is 100% pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away. Made by the best bees in the biz and brought to you by Hilltop.

Serving suggestions:
Perfect for everyday use, an addition to your porridge or yogurt as a sweet topping and ideal for baking. Honey is very versatile and makes an ideal replacement for refined sugars.

Spread it. Drizzle it. Stir it. Enjoy it.

A Blend of EU and Non-EU Honeys

Storage Instructions:
- Be sure to store at room temperature.
- Crystallisation may naturally occur - but don’t worry, just place in warm water or near a radiator.

Unsuitable for infants under 12 months of age

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 1306kJ/307kcal;
Fat<0.5g of which saturates <0.1g;
Carbohydrate 76g of which sugars 76g;
Fibre <0.5g;
Protein <0.5g;
Salt 0.03g

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
hilltop blossom honey

Hilltop blossom honey is advertised here, and on amazon, as "a blend of EU and Non-EU Honeys." On same amazon page, Hilltop states "it is 100% Honey" and on this page, it reads "pure and natural." However, my Hilltop blossom honey container says "blend of Non-EU honeys" -- with no EU honeys listed. I just recieved my order and It does not taste like 100% pure honey to me -- it tastes like a blend of honey and sugar syrup. I looked online and found that most Non-EU Honeys are from China, whereas most Chinese honeys are diluted with sugary sweeteners -- and dangerous antibiotics have been found in many Chinese honeys. I am no loner comfortable consuming this honey and have wasted £17. I would like my money back please? John

Julie Ann Whitwam

Arrived very quickly and was well wrapped. They are for Xmas presents but a couple are for us so cannot wait to try it

Pauline Eglon
Squeezed honey.

Delicious taste.

Christine Webster
Blossom honey

Love this honey, great to get a natural produces blend, so tasty. Will definitely buy it again.

Hilltop Blossom Honey

I bought a bottle of this at the local shop and enjoyed it so ordered some directly. The order that arrived was not the correct one but the mistake was rectified immediately in a very pleasant manner. The correct order arrived today. Thank you

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