March is B Corp Month, an awareness campaign run by B Lab, Sistema B and the worldwide B Corp community. It’s a chance to celebrate what it means to be a B Corp and to discuss how businesses can transform the Economic system for the better. And here at Hilltop, we’re truly so proud to bee a B Corp business- or should that read BEE Corp?!


What is a BCORP business?

A B Corp business is one that has been through a pretty rigorous application process, designed to ensure complete suitability. B Corp businesses are on a mission to create a “better economic system, where businesses can benefit people, communities and the planet.” - this means opting for long-term investments rather than short-term sticking plasters to problems that affect us all. It means measuring success on the positive impact we can create, rather than on profit. It means using business as a force for good.

A business for good, not for profit

And if you know anything about Hilltop, you’ll know that we’ve always strived to be a business for good, and not for profit.

So being a B Corp business is so much more than being able to display the logo. It’s about going beyond. It's about making sure that we as a business do not add to the growing crisis that our planet is facing. Its a global movement that we are 100% committed to.

Hilltop earned its B Corp status in October 2022 and we have an overall impact score of 81.8. We’re one of 5,000 businesses with the certification- up there with the likes of Ben & Jerrys, Candy Kittens and Tony’s Chocolonely. We're the first honey brand to earn B Corp certification and we’re proud to meet the high standards set not only by B Corp themselves, but you guys, our valued customers too.


Why we’re celebrating BCORP month.

With all of the above in mind, it’s no wonder we’re buzzing about B Corp month! This is our chance to really shout out about the amazing brands that are taking our future into their hands and moulding it into something better. We’re joining forces with our global community, to really show the world how we can- and should- do business better!

We always say that there’s a reason why you see so many smiles around the Hilltop head office- it’s because we’re a true family business, and not just in name only, but in everything we do, every single day. Together, we support the people around us, from local community groups that we sponsor, to charity organisations across the world. This, and the fact that we’re dedicated to being a business for good, is the reason why being B Corp means so much.

We’re carbon neutral, we’re zero-waste-to-landfill, and we’re committed to making this planet we buzz around on that little bit sweeter!

Watch our video to catch our very own Scott tell you more about what being a B Corp business means.

Help us celebrate Being a BCORP business

Would you like to help us celebrate B Corp month? We’ve got a bee-rilliant giveaway planned for the whole of March that you really won’t want to miss out on. Keep an eye out for details on Facebook and Instagram!

You can also help us to celebrate by keeping on beeing you. YOU are the reason why we’re able to do as much as we do. Your loyalty and support means the world, and we’re so grateful that you choose Hilltop to sweeten your day. Thank you!


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