Hilltop Honey – Great Taste Winners!



Hilltop honey can now reveal that we have had huge success at this year Great Taste Awards with three of our products being awarded with one star! Two of which were from our brand new honeys of the world range!

Hilltop honey’s Great Taste 2016 3 Star Winner & Golden Fork Nomination!

Raw Thyme Honey

“An excellent product with a complex floral aroma, rich flavour with interesting herbal notes”

“An extraordinary aroma here which translates instantly to the palate with startling levels of menthol – the depth of flavour, balanced by the brightness is extraordinary”

“Pale and very delicate – jasmine, honeysuckle, thyme floral in waves of stunning perfume and lingering sweetness.”


hilltop honey’s Great Taste 2016 1 Star Winners:

Raw Orange Blossom Honey – “Fragrant with an indulgent feel to it and a clean finish”


Raw Yucatan Honey – “A stunning deep amber with a distinctive intense and pungent flavour”


Raw Scottish Heath Honey – “Toffee on the nose. A lovely looking honey. good consistency and just the right amount of colour for a raw product. We liked this. There was a great caramel hit on the palate with heather subtly coming through in the background. There is a good length to the flavour which we liked. Worthy of an award.” 


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