NEW: Organic Fairtrade Honey

We have ethically sourced our organic honey from Fair Trade Certified beekeeping cooperatives in aid to support beekeepers and provide financial benefits for their families and communities.

Hilltop honey pays a fair price directly to the beekeeper cooperatives for their Fairtrade Certified Honey. The sales of our Organic Fairtrade honey will help transform the lives of farmers and their communities.

What are the Fairtrade benefits?

Our Organic Fairtrade honey is sold on Fairtrade terms, this means co-operative beekeepers receive a Fairtrade premium for their quality produce. This enables them to invest in equipment to make life easier for themselves and in turn positively impact their communities.

For example, they can now invest in the future of the growth of the co-operative and the training of the future beekeepers!

Fairtrade honey future

From the sales of Organic Fairtrade honey we can support the co-operative, by delivering their quality honey to you and in turn help improve the quality of their lives.

We hope the demand for this product will establish a future of continued support to enable Fairtrade honey farmers to improve their homes, invest in equipment, educate their children and provide jobs closer to home.