Buzzing over Business Deal

Buzzing over Business Deal

Hilltop Honey secures listing with Morrison’s and updates label design to offer greater transparency.

Mid Wales honey producer, Hilltop Honey, has some sweet success to share as it secures its first listing with retail giant, Morrison’s.

On Monday 9th July 2018, five products launched into the Health & Wellbeing section of Morrisons. This takes the company’s contracts with major retail up to three, including Tesco, Sainsburys and now Morrisons.

Customers of Morrison’s can now pick up a selection of Hilltop Honey products from the shelves of the Health & Wellbeing section. The collection includes, Organic Limeflower honey, Organic Honeydew honey, Spanish Thyme honey, Mexican Yucatan honey and Uruguayan Eucalyptus honey.

Label updates to offer greater transparency

The launch comes at a similar time to the business updating some of its honey labels to offer greater consumer transparency. The Hilltop Honey Speciality Range, a collection of worldwide honeys of unique flavours, will now specifically include country of origin on every jar. This is the company’s first step to committing to a country of origin and working towards better supply chains from these countries.

Scott Davies, Managing Director of Hilltop Honey commented; “Our customers are at the core of our business. We thrive off innovating and exciting the honey category for the enjoyment of our customers. We have listened carefully to consumers in the grocery market who have voiced a greater awareness towards food and drink provenance and traceability. This consumer insight has made us re-think our honey labelling design and to make changes to our Speciality Range to better inform our customers on the honey they are purchasing. Consumers can now pick up a jar of honey from our Speciality Range with full confidence that they know exactly where is has come from.”

Scott concludes; With the recent Morrisons launch, label design updates and forthcoming launches on the horizon, the last few months have been extremely busy for the Hilltop Honey team. We are continually assessing market trends and listening to research insight to help us evaluate our business performance and to ensure we’re constantly improving, innovating, and stimulating the honey market.”

Stockist Information:

Organic Limeflower Honey 370g

Organic Honeydew Honey 370g

Mexican Yucatan Honey 227g

Spanish Thyme Honey 227g

Uruguayan Eucalyptus Honey 227g 

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