Passionfit: Loren takes on Utah World Championships

Our close friend Loren from Passion fit has been working hard and after competing in the Utah World Champs, she shares an update:

'Utah world champs…. What a special race it turned out to be for me. I knew going into the race that I’d made decisions to more highly prioritise my time in other areas leading into this race. The growth and development of Passion Fit and supporting many others journeys around me. Knowing and understanding that would mean I wouldn’t be as fit or as well prepared as I could have been in other circumstances. But that was ok, that was the decision I made, I stand by those decisions and I wouldn’t change them for the world! This meant my only goal was aligned with this, it was simply to have an awesome day out, enjoy the course, the atmosphere, sharing it with so many of my athletes and friends, thanking every volunteer and spectator who supported us all and feel privileged to be fit and healthy enough to be there.

By racing with zero data also removed the risk of being distracted from that goal! Someone I know shares the ongoing challenge of balancing the many demanding areas of life. Running your own business, supporting many other athletes journeys around you, ongoing development of their own journey, and for this lady, being a mum too! So, when I saw Kirsty just ahead, about 400m from the finish line, it felt like a particularly special moment to share together. We share many challenges, but we also got to share this wonderful moment too! Kirsty and I could view each other as competitors, in both triathlon racing and in business, both being coaches. But that couldn’t be further from the truth….

We’ve both spent much time talking and sharing our training, our coaching experiences and tips as well as simple emotional support. So ladies in particular remember….

🙌🏼 ‘We rise by lifting others’ 🙌🏼'Hilltop_Passionfit