Christmas pairing idea - Honey and cheese

Why cheese and honey?

Christmas has come once again and that means cheeseboards! But, why does cheese have anything to do with honey?

Well, although honey is not something you would normally associate with cheese, combining the sweetness of honey with the saltiness of cheese is just mouthwatering. The best way to be blown away by this mix is to try a variety of cheeses with a variety of our honeys. The honey brings out the different flavours in cheese that you don’t experience when you eat cheese on it’s own.

Combining honey with cheese is also a quick and easy way to bring a spark to your many parties, dinners and celebrations over the festive period. We’re sure these pairings will spark exciting food conversations around the dinner table and maybe your guests might even have their own scrumptious suggestions.

Honey and cheese ideas

We have listed a few of our favourite cheese and Hilltop Honey pairing suggestions for you to try this Christmas either when hosting or to bring with you when visiting your friends and family.

Try drizzling some Hilltop Blossom Honey on top of any parmesan you may have in the fridge for a real pop of flavour. You can also add some olives and pancetta to the board to really make people buzz about it at your festive soiree.

Never tried blue cheese? Try it for the first time with our Hilltop Cut Comb in Acacia honey. Combining cut comb with blue cheese helps the flavours merge in a subtle way by mellowing out the strong taste of the blue cheese. At the same time giving you the delectable chewiness of the honeycomb. It also looks beautiful on the board, ideal for an instagram picture.

Cheddar is a staple and standard everyday cheese that can be transformed with some of our stunning Hilltop’s Welsh Blossom Honey. The thickness of the cheese and its depth of flavour perfectly complements our honey. To serve this, why not place it on top of crackers or a baguette slice.

You can even have grilled cheese with honey with our spicy Hot Honey. Just squirt some on your grilled Halloumi cheese or drizzle it over your pizza for an added kick. You can either marinate your cheese before or after cooking depending on what you prefer.

Ricotta drizzled with a light honey such as our Hungarian acacia honey can be served for breakfast or even as a dessert. This pairing is heavenly with dried fruit like figs, apricots, and dates.

Brie and soft cheeses are divine with a drizzle of a richer honey like our British Blossom Honey. Add a garnish of nuts, like walnuts or toasted pine nuts on top of a base of toasted crusty bread and you’ll love it forever. We find a darker honey with a floral flavour works really well with a soft cheese.

Tag us in your photos

There are an unlimited number of combinations that you can experiment with. Tag us on Instagram with your special pairing so we can try your beautiful creations at Christmas too!