We’re Celebrating: Fast Growth 50!

We’re Celebrating: Fast Growth 50!

The team here at Hilltop HQ are donning our party hats today and- yes- we’re literally buzzing with excitement!

We’re so incredibly proud to announce that we’ve made it into the top 20 of Wales’ fastest growing companies, as part of their Fast Growth 50 list! As you can imagine, we’re over the moon to find ourselves at number 15 on the list- and it really is all down to the amazing Hilltop team that works so hard, our amazing bees and, of course, YOU! Thank you!

A little about the Fast Growth 50

The Fast Growth 50 was established back in 1999, with an aim to identify the fastest growing businesses in Wales, and to celebrate their successes.

“Every year, it is a constant remainder of the vast entrepreneurial potential that exists within the Welsh business sector, with growth performance by businesses that is as good as any to be found across the regions of the UK.”

This year’s list highlights the companies that have grown and flourished, despite the last 18 months of challenging economic conditions- and it celebrates the world-class entrepreneurs that Wales has to offer. Amazing, wouldn’t you say?

What this means for us here at Hilltop Honey

We’re so proud of all that we’ve achieved so far, and making it on to the Fast Growth 50 is a huge part of that. As a brand, we stay true to our commitments- both to bring you the best honey there is, and to give back to our communities in various ways too. We plan to continue doing this through initiatives, through funding and through our endeavours to become a B Corp. We also plan to make some exciting changes…

A few tweaks to Hilltop HQ

Don’t worry, we’re not about to change our precious honey! But we are focused on continually learning and growing, to be able to carry on with our commitments to you, our customers. We’re also committed to evolve as a business, which means a new office, new staff, and an exciting new direction for us all!

Thanks to the amazing staff we have working at Hilltop, we’ve been able to innovate and create amazing new product developments- including beauty products and sports nutrition. We already have our gorgeous beeswax lip balm, and we recently launched a range of natural energy gels too! Additionally, our office move means that we’ll be able to improve our production potential even further… so watch this space!

The future of Hilltop

Making it to number 15 of the Fast Growth 50 is, obviously, an amazing achievement. But more than that it means that Hilltop is more able to be give back to our community, which regular readers and loyal fans will know is extremely important to us. We’ve always operated with the aim to put our community at the centre of all that we do- and that will not change. We intend to continue to work ethically and sustainably, just as we always have.

From our bee welfare policy, to our local charity support, we are a business for good and not just for profit. 

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