Employ-Bee Of The Month

We’re buzzing here at Hilltop today as we celebrate our very first Employ-bee of the June month! And who better to kick it all off for us, but our very own managing director and founder, Scott!

From that very first hive in his parent’s garden, Scott has been a busy bee since Hilltop’s creation back in 2011- bringing his passion and excitement for all things bees, and just letting it all escalate from there ‘Hilltop style'.

Scott describes his role as ‘Organised Chaos Creator’ which we think sums him up perfectly. And his favourite Hilltop product? British soft set honey because it’s delightful and I love creamed honey in my tea. Also, amber maple syrup runs close, because maple on porridge is phenomenal!” Enough said.Hilltop-Employ-Bee-Of-The-Month-Blog-Image1

So what does our very first employ-bee of the month enjoy most about his work at Hilltop? Scott says its seeing the progress the brand and all the team has made, plus he tells us that he ALWAYS celebrates the milestones, whether big or small- from the first jar of honey in Tesco, to breaking 10% market share of the UK honey market… every win means a lot! 

But is it just honey that keeps a smile on Scott’s face? Not at all. Here are 3 facts you might not know about him:

  • He regularly pays a gym membership for a gym he never goes to.
  • He represented Wales in a world cup of clay pigeon shooting in Australia
  • His favourite Hilltop recipe is Maple Mustard Glazed Salmon - a family recipe.


Congratulations Scott, from all the team - we think you’re the bees knees! 

Stay tuned to find out who our next employ-bee of the month will be!