Join The Fun For National Running Day

Join The Fun For National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! 

The team here at Hilltop always love seeing our energy gels and powders put to use, and what better way to hear how they help those needing that extra boost of natural energy.


We reached out to our energy brand ambassador, Andrew Davies, on how he got into running and some helpful tips for those needing some motivation:

'I’ve been running for over 35 years now and have been to some magical places and met some amazing people through running. Some things that has kept me going for all these years is a little bit of motivation, some goals but most of all enjoyment. I wouldn’t have thought 10 years ago of what I would have achieved today!

 Living in a beautiful place like mid Wales and having realistic running goals helps me to get out the door each day and gets me to some incredible places. I’m luckily enough to have Lake Vyrnwy, Montgomeryshire Canal & the Cambrian Mountains on my doorstep. As a nature lover it helps me reconnect with the natural world. Either seeing a red kite flying over in winter or listening to a bubbling curlew in spring makes each run worth it!

 Some tips I’d give to beginners is to go and explore new paths around your local area – you’d be surprised where they end up! Try and make 30 mins each day to do some exercise/running/walking. Getting into a routine like this is crucial for future success. Getting the family involved will keep motivation high and everyone off their phones! It will also help people’s discipline and mental resilience.

 As a marathon/trail runner, fuelling is extremely important. Energy Hilltop provides me with the energy I need for my long training runs and races. I really like the strawberry and manuka honey gels which provide enough energy for up to 30 minutes. Another new aspect which I’ve incorporated on my long runs is using Energy Hilltop Powder, which again provides me with the energy I need on my longer sessions. What I really like is that their products are natural and It’s certified by Informed Sport, which gives me peace of mind that the products I’m using are 100% clean.' - Andrew Davies, Hilltop Energy Brand Ambassador.


Head over to Andrew's page and stay up to date with his running journey: @trailrunningandy

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