Launched in National Restaurant Chain LEON Restaurants

Launched in National Restaurant Chain LEON Restaurants

We are pleased to announce that our raw organic multiflower honey is now being used in healthy restaurant chain LEON!

LEON restaurants chose hilltop honey’s raw organic multiflower honey as their healthy sweetener and alternative to sugar to carry on giving you healthy & naturally fast food!

Tom Davies, head of food at LEON said: “Raw unprocessed honey maintains its nutrients and is possibly the purest way to eat honey.Neither the bees nor the flowers they gather nectar from have been exposed to harsh chemicals. Our best seller at breakfast is our organic porridge pot, topped with raw organic honey, blueberries and toasted seeds.”

LEON restaurants have over 33 restaurants open in the UK with more and more opening every year with the growing trend in healthy fast food! So next time you’re in a LEON restaurant keep an eye out for our raw organic multiflower honey! 

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