We are BUZZing to announce that we have secured seven new listings with our retail giant, Tesco!

We first launched into Tesco back in 2015, and we're thrilled to announce that we have extended our listings to include our Manuka range across 900+ Tesco stores in 225g formats. Not only that, you can now find our first Maple Syrup SKU in-store AND our bigger than life Blossom Honey 680g jar. 

Our MD, Scott Davies, said: “We have been working with Tesco since 2015 on growing their honey category by bringing quality, innovation and price to the fixture. We have sourced Manuka right back to beehive to provide Tesco customers with the best possible quality Manuka at the best price in the market.’’

Our MD said: ‘’We have grown consistently in Tesco and this is a huge leap in that journey with them,  that’s why we are also extremely pleased to have been given a listing within the Maple Syrup range to start that same journey in maple, as we did with honey.’’

Our Hilltop Manuka 225g range, Maple Syrup Blend 230g and Everyday blossom 680g will be available from 30th January at selected Tesco stores nationwide or online at www.lovehilltop.com.