American Vs British Pancakes

With Pancake Day fast approaching, there can bee only one question on everybody’s lips: which do you prefer- American or British? And most importantly, what do you like to drizzle over the top?! Both are made using basically the same ingredients, with just a variation in the type of flour- but both have such different styles… so which is best? Hilltop_American_Vs_British_Pancake_Blog_Image1

The case for American Pancakes

American pancakes are good. Really good, in fact. They’re fluffy, they’re thick and they stack really nicely, just perfect for a nice drizzle of maple syrup. Delicious! But there are more reasons why we love these light and fluffy breakfast beauties…

Reasons to love fluffy pancakes.

Did we mention that American pancakes are thick and fluffy?! They’re also really light, making them ideal for Pancake Day breakfast, if you ask us! Plus, because American pancakes are a lot thicker, it gives you more room to add additional ingredients, giving them an exciting twist.

We LOVE this recipe for Blueberry honey pancakes- with the big, juicy blueberries cooked right there in the batter. Yum! A perfect example of just one way that you can make American pancakes exciting and fresh.

The basic recipe for perfect American pancakes can be adapted in so many ways too. Take our Organic Quinoa Pancakes, for example- an amazing post-workout breakfast when you add protein powder, and delicious with Acacia Honey drizzled over the top.

We also love our classic Cut Comb and Banana pancakes- made with oats and topped with crunchy cut comb. Just out of this world!

There are just so many ways to make American pancakes, it’s impossible not to love them!


The case for British Pancakes

But despite the many plus points for American pancakes there are, of course, many reasons to love British pancakes too. When done right, they’re crispy, light and super fluffy too, despite their delicate thinness.

Reasons to love flat pancakes.

Is there anything better than making pancakes with your family on Pancake Day- taking turns to flip them, laughing as they land in a pile back in the pan- or maybe even as they stick to the ceiling! So many of us have happy memories like is, and this alone has to be enough of a reason to love British pancakes so much.

Luckily we’ve moved on from the days of just sugar and lemon with our pancakes, and now there are loads of really great recipes to choose from- with less sugar too! And who says they even have to be sweet, anyway? Our classic pancake recipe tastes amazing with a dollop of honey (you have to try our beautiful pancakes & bee pollen!), but honestly just as good stuffed with grated cheese and rolled up with ham!

And British pancakes can be versatile too- this recipe uses oat flour to give it a firmer texture, and raspberries for a delicious tang. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

So they don’t stack quite as well, but they’re amazing, and we love British pancakes. Hilltop_American_Vs_British_Pancake_Blog_Image3

How do you eat yours?

Whether you’re using plain flour for a thin and flat pancake, or adding baking powder to bring out the fluffy lightness, what you put on them makes all the difference.

Traditional pancake toppings

You simply cannot beat a squeeze of honey on your pancakes- whether American or British. But we can probably all agree that the one of the best traditional toppings has to be maple syrup. And yes, it works just as well with British pancakes too!

One of the reasons why maple syrup just goes with pancakes has to be its distinctive flavour, unrivalled by any other topping perhaps? Try our Very Dark Maple Syrup and let us know what you think.


Try something new this Pancake Day

Ready for something new this pancake day? As reliably tasty as maple syrup and honey are when drizzled or simply poured over pancakes, this year we want to challenge you to try something new!

Like our savoury tangy pancakes, brought to life with a sprinkling of strong cheddar and chunks of ham. Or these unique savoury pancakes made with carrot puree and almond paste, brought to life with a dash of honey. Whatever you create, make it bee-rilliant this Pancake Day!

Make a Hilltop style pancake!

Have you got the culinary imagination to create a new pancake this Pancake Day? American or British, it’s up to you. All we ask is that you create it, snap it and share it!

Get buzzing about your pancake this year. Tag us @hilltop-honey (Instagram) and use the hashtag #hilltoppancakeday. We can’t wait to see your Hilltop creations, and we may share some of them on our socials too!Hilltop_American_Vs_British_Pancake_Blog_Image4