NEW look, same delicious taste

Hello members of the hilltop honey family,

If you’ve followed our journey, purchased our honey or simply enjoy our story, then you are aware from the beginning we have described our honey as ‘Raw’.

Due to incoming legislation, ourselves along with other beekeepers and honey producers in the U.K, are no longer able to use the term ‘Raw’ to describe honey.

We want to reassure every individual that enjoys our honey, that our processes have not changed. hilltop honey is not and never will be exposed to excessive processing. We will continue to provide you with quality honey.

You can be safe in the knowledge it’s the same honey you’ve always loved to brighten up your breakfast, add taste to your main meals and sweeten up your desserts.

Thank you for all your support and following us on our journey so far, we look forward to your continued support in the future with our quest to provide the Great British public, with the best honey possible from all over the world.

Scott Davies and the team at hilltop honey

If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact your Local Trading Standards. Or, refer to the FAQ section of our website.