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Here at Hilltop Honey, we take the welfare of our planet,, wildlife, humans and bees very seriously and with World Earth Day taking place tomorrow, we thought we’d share some of the important work we do to protect the future. As a business, we know we have a responsibility to safeguard the future for everyone- the planet, humans and bees. Read on to find out more about how we do this…

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

We’re serious about recycling here at Hilltop, and we encourage you to recycle what you can too. All our glass jars and plastic bottles are made using 30% recycled materials.

Our caps are recyclable (and always have been- unlike other honey brands) and behind the scenes we’re also busy exploring the possibility of our labels being 100% recyclable. Where we can, we use paper tampers over plastic, and we only use FSC certified cardboard, which is 100% recyclable too.

We’re not perfect, but we’re trying and improving everyday! We’re keen to share our journey with you all, and we love hearing your feedback- so please do let us know where you think we can improve with our recycling!

Reducing our carbon footprint

As a business, we know that reducing our carbon footprint is really important, and this really is an on-going process for us here at Hilltop. We’ve got lots happening behind the scenes to help us analyse everything- from wastage to water usage and electricity… and more! We’re monitoring it all and we’re working towards setting reduction targets too.

As a team, we’ve got pretty high standards when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint on a personal level too. Our Newtown site has charging points for electric cars, which helps to encourage a greener vehicle choice. We also operate a bike stand on site, plus a cycle to work scheme, which means that staff have the choice to opt out of driving to work altogether.

We invest in our staff

We know that everything we’ve achieved so far is all down to the amazing team we have working here at Hilltop. We appreciate and value every single employee, and we’re committed to investing in not only their health and wellbeing, but their education and training too.

Employee training includes topics relating to social and environmental issues, so that we can be united in our plans moving forward. We monitor the indoor air on our site to ensure it remains safe for employees, and we’re partnered with a local gym so that we can offer discounted memberships, encouraging employees to improve their physical health and wellbeing.

We also created an impact report that looks at our financial, environmental and social successes over the last 12 months plus we conducted an extensive employee engagement survey through Best Companies- which resulted in Hilltop being ranked as #13 in Wales, #2 in Food & Drink and #42 for Small Companies in the UK.

We invest in our staff because they invest in us.

We invest in our community

Our aim is to put our community at the centre of everything we do. We want to improve both the social and environmental landscape for our local community- from our bee welfare policy (check out our Adopt a Bee scheme- we donate 25% of profits from these sales to the Honey Pot Foundation), to our local charity support… we’re a business for good, not just for profit.

We sponsor and support a wide range of local sports clubs and teams, so that in turn we can support the local community and help improve social, emotional and physical wellbeing. We also recently launched the Hilltop Community Fund, which aims to give away £10,000 to local projects and initiatives who are working to improve the social and environmental landscape of our local area in Mid-Wales.

We’ve got more to do

We’re nowhere near done. In fact, we’ve still got a lot to do, and we hope you’ll stick around with us while we do it. Not bad, if we say so ourselves… but we want to do even better! 

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