Recipes from around the world

Recipes from around the world

One of the most amazing things about honey is that it is produced all around the world, with each different origin taking on the characteristics and flavours of its region. Each spoonful has the power to take you on the most exhilarating of culinary journeys- and can tell a story about the local flora, history and geology of countries thousands of miles away. Pretty cool, huh? Here at Hilltop, this month we’re celebrating all the amazing and delicious honey from around the world- so we’d love to take you on a quick gastronomic adventure with us. Read on to find out all about the amazing honeys we have and the exciting recipes you can try today.

Taste a new destination

What other food can truly offer you a real taste of a new destination each time you open a jar? Honey has the power to take you back to your favourite holidays, your biggest adventures and your happiest memories- not many other jars on the supermarket shelves can do that!

So why is it so important to try new cuisines and to travel the world- both in person and via the foods you eat?

Speaking a global language

When we travel to new countries and visit different communities, often the foods served up in local restaurants represent so much more than just a meal to fill your stomach. Lots of cultures use mealtimes as a chance to bond, to engage in conversation and to connect. Each culture does this in a different way, so when we travel and we dip a toe into new food experiences, we have the privilege of taking a glimpse into different cultures. This is an amazing way to learn and to connect!

Food truly is a global language, an essential part of local history and creates a snapshot of a different way of life. And this is what makes honey so special. In one jar, you can be transported back to an entirely different country, with a different climate and with a vastly different landscape. Using honey in cooking allows you to bring new flavours and memories to the table every night- and there’s simply nothing else like it.

Recipes from around the world

Ready to set off on a culinary world trip? Here we go!

Here at Hilltop we’re proud to boast a wide range of multi-award winning different origin honeys, each one brought to you with the bee’s welfare at heart. We can’t wait for you to discover some new recipes to try:




First stop: New Zealand! Our Manuka honey is derived from the Manuka bush in New Zealand and is a dark, herbal honey with some pretty potent health benefits. It also makes a gloriously delicious Manuka and Turmeric Spiced Latte too- with a delicious Indian twist. Check out the recipe and let us know what you think!

Spanish Orange Blossom



Next, we’re off to Spain and we’re using our delicious Spanish Orange Blossom honey to create a beautiful drink perfect for this summer: Orange Blossom Prosecco Fizz. This is Spanish recipe with an Italian addition- and it’s so easy to make!

British Blossom



Let’s not forget the amazing foods we create here in Britain too! Use our best selling British Blossom honey to make our infamous Hilltop Honey scones for your next picnic- delicious!




Acacia honey is fairly light in colour and mild in taste, made by bees that forage on the nectar of organic Robina Pseudoacacia trees and bushes around the EU. We love using this honey in our delicious One Pot Chicken and Rice dish- to bring out the flavours and give it just enough sweetness to hit the right spot at dinner time! This is a really simple dish, with a nod to Asia thanks to the edamame beans.

Uruguayan Eucalyptus



This is a truly special one! Our busy bees forage the nectar of flowering eucalyptus tree in Uruguay. The amazing Uruguayan Eucalyptus honey is a gorgeous deep amber in colour and has the most wonderfully mellow, woody aftertaste- the perfect addition to our soothing Ginger, Honey and Lemon tea. This one will definitely chase away summer cold symptoms and give you a real spring in your step!

Bulgarian Coriander



Did you know that coriander is native to Bulgaria? Our Bulgarian Coriander honey is really unique- dark amber in colour, with a rich herbal flavour. We love this one with our scrumptious Hummus and Coriander flatbreads, a dish that can be traced right back to Egypt with a clever Bulgarian twist. Yum!

Welsh Blossom



What can we say? Our Welsh Blossom honey is rather special to us here at Hilltop. Gathered by bees from a wonderful mix of wild blossoms sourced from Welsh beekeepers across the ancient and rural landscapes of the Welsh countryside, this honey is a classic. A gorgeous amber colour and packed full of flavour, it truly works is magic in our Sticky Party Sausages recipe- just make sure they’re Glamorgan sausages!

Scottish Heather



If you’ve seen Scottish heather growing in its beautiful purple hues across the moorland, you might have some idea of just how glorious our Scottish Heather honey is. And when you add it to our Sticky Apple Porridge recipe? It’s out of this world!

Spanish Lavender



Our Spanish Lavender honey is really lovely- very fragrant and sweet, with a delicate lavender flavour, just enough to remind you of the beautiful lavender fields of Spain! And absolutely delicious in our Lavender Honey Sidecar cocktail! Shake it up, sit back and close your eyes- we can almost feel the hot Spanish sun when we drink this perfect combo of whiskey and cointreau!

Brazilian Mountain



If this one doesn’t transport you straight to South America, then nothing will! Gathered by bees that forage on a delightful mixture of wild Brazilian blooms across the breath-taking mountainous terrain regions of Brazil, our Brazilian Mountain honey has a deep, dark amber colour and is floral and aromatic in flavour. A true favourite here at Hilltop- and an essential ingredient in our Hilltop Honey Guacamole recipe. We’ve taken a detour to Mexico for this one, but we think it’s worth it!

Hopefully by now you’ve got a list of new recipes to try- do let us know how you get on! After all, how do you know what your favourite food is, until you’ve tried them all?! One of life’s great pleasures has to be preparing and enjoying food with friends and loved ones- why not make it a passion to try new foods, learn about new cultures and nurture a true passion for culinary travel?



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