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SWEET HEAT: Hilltop unveils spicy new addition in Tesco

SWEET HEAT: Hilltop unveils spicy new addition in Tesco

We have finally announced a spicy new listing into Tesco - we will be unleashing the heat with our Hot Honey infusion!

Containing just two ingredients, honey and chilli, Hot Honey is free from any additives and naturally sweet and deliciously spicy.

It’s the perfect addition to your pizza, barbecue, burger or chicken wings… or for something a bit different try a drizzle on shepherd’s pie, spaghetti bolognese or even fish and chips!

A trend that started life in America, this sweet and spicy trend is set to be big news in 2024 with the likes of Pizza Express and Rudys putting it on their menu and retailers adding a single sachet into their pre-made oven pizzas.

Scott Davies, our founder and managing director, commented: “Hot Honey is deliciously wacky - a brilliant addition to your condiment cupboard. It brings a sweet spiciness to anything you might be cooking up - try adding a dash to a stir fry for example. We’re so excited to be bringing this product into Tesco as it’s a firm favourite with of customers, who want to try something that little bit different I hope the UK are ready to ignite their tastebuds!”

Our Hot Honey will be available in selected Tesco stores from the 5th of February or available online at lovehilltop.com and is priced at £3.50.Hilltop-HOTS3-Tesco-Launch-Feb-24 Hilltop-HOTS3-Tesco-Launch-Feb-24

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