Get Pancake Ready With Hilltop Honey!

Get Pancake Ready With Hilltop Honey!

Pancake Day is here again! And you know that we LOVE Pancake Day! It’s such a great excuse to have one of the best foods ever invented for breakfast, lunch and dinner! And no, you can’t have too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to these delicious delicacies. So why do we love Pancake Day so much, aside from the obvious?


Why we love Pancake Day

We love the history. According to English Heritage, this glorious tradition stems from around 1445, when a “woman heard the shriving bell calling people to church on Shrove Tuesday while she was making pancakes – and she ran to the church still in her apron with her frying pan!”

The bell came to be known as the ‘pancake bell’ and from then on, it became tradition to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

Pancakes were- and still are- a great way for people to use up eggs and fats before the Lenten fast. In fact, we love the fact that Pancake Day encourages us all to reduce our food waste, and get right to the back of the cupboards to use everything up! Why not go one step further this year, by shopping local and supporting bakeries and farms in your community?


American v British pancakes

We wrote about this age-old debate last year- but we’re still not sure whether we prefer American or British style pancakes! So much so, we’ll probably have to have both again this year!

We’d love to know how you have yours. Fat or thin? Fluffy or not? And have you tried pancakes from other cuisines around the world? Trust us- Italian pancakes are to die for, and Chinese style are pretty good too. Oh! And Spanish pancakes… in fact, we might have to indulge in them all. Who’s with us?!

Settle the debate with our American style Cinnamon Swirl Pumpkin Pancakes and our Maple Styled Crepes.


Sweet v Savoury

Another great debate. Are your pancakes sweet, or savoury? We believe there’s a place for them both at the table this Pancake Day.

Of course, we’re all about the sweet- and nothing beats a simple drizzle of honey on top of a steaming stack of pancakes. That’s breakfast sorted. But even we have to admit that we need a little balance. And that’s where savoury pancakes come in. A scattering of cheese (pairs perfectly with our Blossom Honey!) and a little chilli- now you’re taking!

Try our recipe for savoury pancakes first, then finish off with our bee-rilliant recipe for Biscoff and Honey pancakes and let us know the winner!

Whether sweet or savoury, we’d love to be inspired by some of your pancake creations this year. Maybe you add a splash of whiskey? Or a scoop of protein powder? Or even a shot of our Energy Gels? Share with us in the comments!


What’s your topper?

We’ll keep this simple. Honey or maple syrup?

Maple syrup is traditional, and we agree that it partners perfectly with crispy bacon and American style pancakes- like these amazing Buttermilk Pancakes with Maple Bacon. But have you tried honey with bacon too? Works like a dream!

The jury’s out for us on this one. We just love them both- we especially find it hard to choose between our gorgeous Very Dark Maple Syrup and our Organic Acacia Honey- both are such strong contenders. And then there’s our Organic Agave Nectar too…


Pancake recipes we love

We’ve already shared a few pancake recipes, but you can never have too many- so here are three more to keep you going! We recommend a pancake party so you can try them all. Get the kids involved!

Coffee Cake Pancakes- hear us out! It might sound a little ‘out there’, but honestly, these pancakes are just delicious. Protein pancakes with a crunchy nutty topping and a shot of coffee- love it!

Chocolate Oat Pancakes- fluffy, soft, rich with flavour! We love these with honey and banana on top. Amazing!

Pumpkin Pancakes with Maple Syrup- you have to try them. Delicious any time of year, but super cosy when the weather is cold!

What’s your favourite pancake recipe?

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