March heralds the start of B Corp Month, and that’s a pretty big deal to us here at Hilltop. But why? What does B Corp mean, and why are we so excited to celebrate it all month long? Read on to find out.HILLTOP-BCORPMONTH-BLOG-IMAGE
What does B Corp mean?
B lab is the non-profit network behind it all, with a clear vision to transform the global economy so that is benefits everyone- people, communities and the planet. The future they envisage is one where all businesses strive to balance profit with purpose. Brands who achieve B Corp certification are, in the words of B Lab, “leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.”
But what does this really mean, on a day-to-day basis?
In a nutshell, brands who are B Corp have been verified by B Lab as meeting the highest of standards when it comes to social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. They're brands who don’t put profit above all else. Brands who care. Brands who share a common goal with a global community. Brands like us.HILLTOP-BCORPMONTH-BLOG-IMAGE
What does B Corp Mean to Hilltop?
So did we mention that Hilltop are the first official honey company to achieve B Corp status? And yes, we’re still absolutely buzzing about it! To join forces with over 6,000 businesses across the globe (all of whom are using their business as a force for good) is amazing. It means everything we say we do when it comes to sustainability, how we treat people, how we operate in our community- it's all been scrutinised, and verified and we’ve met the super high standards set. We’re not just talking the talk, we’re walking the walk too.
We’re proudly carbon neutral. We’re zero-waste to landfill. We’re sustainable. We care, and we want other brand to care too. We want you to care. And that’s why B Corp month is so important to us. Being part of this collective not only helps to get the Hilltop word out there, but it helps to show the world what were about, how you- the consumer- can invest your time and money in businesses that benefit you, and the planet.
Our sustainable goals
We’ve already achieved so much during our journey towards becoming B Corp, and since being certified. But there’s still so much more we want to do, and we have some pretty bee-rilliant plans to make it happen too.
So far, we’ve been able to:
  • Turn waste honey back into energy and organic fertiliser.
  • Minimise the amount of food waste we send for disposal- weve partnered with FareShare, who are a food redistribution charity. So any food items we cant sell (maybe theyve been de-listed, or the packaging is imperfect or has old labelling), we donate. To date, our products have gone to 2,222 charities, which also means that we’ve saved the 57.2 tonnes of CO2 which would have been created if we’d allowed this food to become waste.
  • Invest in new projects such as a heat exchanger.
  • Ensure that our main production site is run on 90% solar energy.
  • Develop new waste streams for electrical, toners and batteries.
  • Made massive improvements in our recycling of cardboard, film, bottles, paper and metal.
So what’s next? Our long term goals are to reach 2030 as a business that uses 100% recycled and recyclable materials, with 100% of electricity being obtained from renewable sources. A business that reduces utility usage by 5% per unit per year, that reduces waste by 5% per unit per year. A business that offsets all remaining operational CO2- all in a bid to make life a little sweeter for us all.
B Corp month 2024- ‘This Way Forward’
The theme for this year’s B Corp Month is ‘This Way Forward’- a celebration of all that is yet to come. B Corp businesses are coming together to show the world that they’re continuously striving to further their impact, revelling in the B Corp journey and bringing others along for the ride.
As part of our celebrations for this month we’ll be getting stuck in with Tidy Newtown 2024 (a community litter pick)- maybe we’ll see some of you there? If you’re not local though, don’t worry-there are loads of other ways you can support the B Corp campaign this month. We’d be absolutely buzzing if you chose to support other B Corp businesses, especially the Welsh ones,  such as TOTM, The Anglesey Sea Salt Company, Big Lemon… to name just a few. Check them out and support them- and stay tuned to find out more about how we plan to make this year’s B Corp Month one to remember!HILLTOP-BCORPMONTH-BLOG-IMAGE

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