Where Nature Meets Artistry

Where Nature Meets Artistry
Introducing our major rebrand, two years in the making! We've completely refreshed our previous branding, updated our colour theme, and unveiled new packaging, featuring our iconic squeezy bottle and jar. In collaboration with the award-winning agency Big Fish, we have redefined its brand positioning, strategy, identity, and design.

Our iconic rebrand marks a significant sustainability breakthrough. Our squeezy bottles are now made from 100% RPET plastics, and our bespoke jars are crafted from 60% recycled glass. This innovation is part of our broader commitment to reducing our environmental impact and aligning with our sustainable values.

Managing Director Scott Davies shares, “This rebrand elevates our brand to a premium level, making us a table-worthy name. We’re doubling down on brand investment, marketing, capacity, and supplier expertise to deliver the best-tasting honey at the best prices, along with innovative functions and formats. This rebrand ensures Honey is considered for every occasion throughout the day.”

As the UK’s second-largest Honey brand, we are dedicated to celebrating Honey, the artistry of beekeeping, and the provenance of our products. Our expertise and passion for quality set us apart from other Honey brands, reflected in our new slogan “Sweetness At Its Peak,” which is featured on every bottle and jar.

With a wide variety of tastes, textures, and craft honey techniques, Hilltop transforms culinary experiences with easily navigable ranges, premium quality, and inspiring stories across our product portfolio. We want to show the UK that Honey is not just a breakfast staple but a versatile craft ingredient that enhances any moment throughout the day for every family member.

Welcome to the new Hilltop. New look, same great taste. Sweetness at its peak.

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