Tutorial: The Ultimate Lavender, Milk & Honey Pedicure Part 1

Eleanor of The Salted Tail has created this real treat for your feet – find out how to make a super simple Sugar Scrub right here!



Since I was little I’ve loved soaking my feet. After a day in the garden, running around barefoot, playing tricks on each other with the hose and building birds nests out of cut grass and twigs, my sister and I would take turns to plunge our feet into the washing up bowl, always full slightly too hot water and with a cloud of fairy-liquid bubbles spilling out onto the carpet.As an adult, I like to make more of a ritual of the foot soaking process – I can’t be the only one who still likes to indulge in these cosy warming practices even in the summer right? I’ll build myself a sofa-nest of pillows and blankets and surround myself with a satellite of requirements: snacks, a warm drink, slipper socks, a foot scrub, moisturiser and a towel (which is obvious yet quite often forgotten, resulting in me having to send someone upstairs to retrieve one for me)I’ve also moved on from the fairy-liquid bubbles, and love to make my own sugar scrub and foot soak (look out for Part 2 of this tutorial!) This lavender milk and honey variation is perfect at the end of the day, post shower and just before bedtime.First, we’ll make the sugar scrub. These ingredients make enough for a 250g jar but you could make enough for one use by reducing the quantities:


Lavender oil is well known for its calming and relaxing properties, so it features in both the scrub and soak recipes. The sugar in is a gentle exfoliator, and the coconut oils serves to not only bind the ingredients together, but also to act as a moisturising mask.


First mix the lavender flowers and sugar together. This ensures the flowers will be nicely distributed throughout the scrub and not get clumped together once you add the coconut oil.


Gently melt the coconut oil and leave it to cool – too hot and it will start to dissolve the sugar! Add it to the sugar and lavender flowers along with 5-10 drops of lavender oil depending on how strong you would like the fragrance. I’m a big fan so I went with 10.


Mix all the ingredients together really well. It should have the consistency of wet sand and just start to clump together.


Leave the scrub in a cool place for around an hour, stirring regularly. This helps to make sure the coconut oil has begun to solidify and won’t just run to the bottom of the jar. If you’re only making enough for one use you can skip this step an use it straight away.

Spoon into a jar and, as long as you don’t let any water get into it it should last for a couple of months.


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