We're 10 years old!

We're 10 years old!

We’re in a festive mood here at Hilltop Honey as we celebrate our 10th birthday! Wow! 10 whole years, doing what we love most- how lucky are we?! In honour of such a huge milestone, we thought we’d take a look back at our super sweet journey so far, all that we’ve achieved and our plans for the future…

How it all began 

Back in 2011, Hilltop owner and founder, Scott, found himself at somewhat of a crossroads. He’d suffered a back injury which meant that he was suddenly unable to work- or, worse, play rugby- and was forced to re-think his plans for the future. It was during this time as he began his recovery as his parents home in Wales, that he began visiting the hives at the bottom of the garden. Having always had an interest in bees, Scott soon found himself becoming more and more fascinated with them- so when he received his first hive a as a gift, he never looked back.

And lucky for us- because this fascination was to go on to open the door to something so sweetly special!

The early days

The precious Hilltop Honey you know and love started off very small. Scott didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the amazing world of bee-keeping- and when he finally jarred up his first harvest, he was over the moon! Those very first jars of delicious golden nectar were quickly shared with friends and family, and just like that, Scott’s dream was beginning to turn to reality.

What started as a simple, therapeutic hobby soon became a fully fledged business buzzing with excitement, as more and more locals began to hear about Scott’s honey. Slowly but surely, Scott began to purchase more hives so that he could meet demand… and Hilltop Honey was born.

From kitchen table to supermarket shelves

When we think back to those first jars of honey, its with a very fond smile as we recall how Hilltop began its journey from Scott’s parents’ kitchen! From a few jars on the kitchen table to rows and rows in the supermarket- what a journey! But not one without it’s own fair share of troubles and torment!

Hilltop’s humble beginnings serve as a reminder that good, honest hard work will pay off- but nothing is guaranteed… and that’s why Scott remains so fiercely proud of and immensely thankful to all customers, friends, employees and supporters for helping us to get where we are today.

Thank you

Since we began back in 2011, our range has grown, and so has our expertise. We’re proud of the connections we have with our suppliers, and the ability to trace them every step of the way- from hive to home. We’re committed to providing safe, quality honey and we have a 100% chemical free production process. But it’s not just about the honey- it’s about the bees too.

The welfare of bees is our top priority above anything else- not just so that we can continue to create our amazing honey, but so that we can protect our planet for the future too.

Hilltop Honey simply would not be the business that it is today, without every single one of you who has believed in us. Whether you joined us at the start of our journey, back on that kitchen table, or whether you’ve just stumbled upon us via one of our amazing retailers- thank you.

Without your custom, your support and your loyalty we could not continue to thrive as we are. Without the simply amazing employees (who are really more like family, let’s be honest) we would not be where we are- and we will be forever grateful to you all!

Here’s to another ten years- and more!

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