World Vegan Month

What is World Vegan Month?

Happy World Vegan Month! It’s no secret that the Vegan movement has certainly grown in recent years, as more and more of us become aware and concerned about the impact of our actions on the planet. But Veganism has actually been around for a lot longer than you might think.

The Vegan Society was born in 1944, but it wasn’t until 1994 before the world’s first ever World Vegan Day took place. Despite the delay, The Vegan Society has consistently and avidly worked to raise awareness and to educate the world on the vegan movement.

So, what exactly is the vegan movement? The term ‘vegan’ has been determined as: “a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude- as far as possible and practicable- all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing, or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternative for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all projects derived wholly or partly from animals.” (The Vegan Society).

The Vegan movement is a lifestyle, and World Vegan Month is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate that. It’s a chance to speak out about the benefits of adopting a plant-based lifestyle, and to celebrate the amazing array of vegan products out there today, almost 80 years since the movement began.


How do Hilltop support World Vegan Month?

Wondering where Hilltop fits into World Vegan Month? Hopefully by now, it’s clear that we take our global responsibilities very seriously- we’re proud to be carbon neutral and committed to improving the way we do things, in order to protect our planet as much as we can. We also want to support our customers in their bids to live a sustainable lifestyle too, and that’s why our range extended to include vegan friendly products too.

Have you tried our delicious Organic Agave Nectar Syrup? Its 100% pure and natural, derived from the Agave plant and perfectly matched to your vegan lifestyle. A great sugar alternative! We’re also pretty proud of our Maple Syrup too- choose from Amber, Very Dark or our unique blended maple flavour syrup for a sweet alternative to the usual sugary syrups on the supermarket shelves.

Oh, and did we mention our brand spanking new addition to the vegan friendly range?! Drumroll please… now feast your eyes on our absolutely delicious Carob Syrup! Directly extracted from carob pods, this light and mild syrup is an excellent sugar alternative and just perfect for hot drinks and baking alike. This little beauty also contains natural antioxidants, so it packs a sweetly powerful punch overall!


How can you support World Vegan Month?

There are many ways that you can support World Vegan Month, and not all of them need to cost lots or take too much time or energy to complete. Of course, if you want to join a march or host an event, that’s completely up to you! But if you’re looking to just make a few small changes, that’s fine too.

Challenge yourself to go vegan

Why wait for January? Loads who take part in Veganuary each year actually end up either adopting the vegan lifestyle completely, or else they commit to repeating the challenge at other times in the year too. They say there’s no time like the present, so if you’re up to it- why not go vegan today? Or why not set your New Year Resolutions now, ready for 2023? Make the pledge to go vegan and spend the next couple of months researching how to do it.

Make small changes

Small changes can lead to big transformations, so if the idea of completely overhauling your life sounds a little daunting, why not take it slowly? Try going for a ‘Meat free Monday’ once a week or carry out manageable and simple swaps around the home, ditching animal-based products for plant-friendly alternatives. There are loads of great vegan brands out there who will be more than happy to help you navigate your way around.

Throw a vegan tea party

Regular readers will know how much we like a good tea party here at Hilltop HQ- so why not throw an autumn soiree with a vegan vibe? This post has some great tips on how to throw a good garden party, and this one will help you plan the ultimate tea party too. And when it comes to food, of course we can help there too!

Vegan friendly recipes are a must, and we have plenty of real crowd-pleasers to choose from. If you’re feeling adventurous, try our amazing Lemon Posset, or for something a little more autumnal we highly recommend our Thanksgiving Pecan Pie. Give them a go and see what you think!


More delicious vegan recipes to try

Lots of recipes can be easily adapted to ft in with a vegan lifestyle, but if you’re not sure then it’s a good idea to use a vegan-specific recipe book or blog when you first start out. Some of our favourite recipes are adaptations that we’ve made after tweaking and trailing- lots of taste tests later and we think we’re on to a winner!

We highly recommend our delicious and easy to make Healthy No-Bake Brownies made with maple syrup to sweeten. We also love our No-Bake Coconut Almond Butter bites for their simplicity and sweetness too.