A Look Back At 2017


Early 2017 saw our raw organic honey labels have a brand-new bottle design – they are now 100% recyclable and easier to use and we didn’t stop there! Our packaging underwent a re brand later in the year, with our packaging focusing more on our story and our humble beginnings – did you know Hilltop Honey began in Scott’s parents back garden? 


Raw Organic Honey Range

Bounding forward into spring we were able to share some even more great news with you!

The previous winter saw our hives suffer a terrible act of vandalism. During March we could happily announce our hives successfully survived the Winter. The hives were bursting

with activity and were ready to produce honey throughout the summer months. We received such a huge support from our following and we can’t thank you enough for this.


June saw a few exciting announcements for Hilltop Honey, the first being recipe box Gousto adding our breakfast portion pots in their boxes – what a delicious addition to your breakfast! Did you know Gusto was voted 5/5 by the Telegraph?

It also saw the one year anniversary since our honey launched in health food restaurants Leon. Customers can use Hilltop Honey as a topping on their porridge and in their yogurt pots, on toast and in hot drinks as an alternative to sugar.

It’s no surprise that bees are at the heart of what we do – in the current global climate and their endangered status, we felt it our mission and set out to save them!

During the summer months, we offered our customers a free pack of wildflower seeds when purchasing a jar of honey to plant and promote bees into your garden through our website.

But, it didn’t stop there the demand for the seeds was so great we expanded the freebie into our retailers – Ocado and Tesco.


Hilltop Honey ‘Save British Bees By Planting Seeds’, Seed Pack

August saw Scott have a break from beekeeping for the day and venture down to the big city. Up bright and early journeying down to Cardiff to speak on BBC Radio Wales, of course talking about everything bees, beekeeping & hilltop honey – Thank you for tuning in!

The first of September soon flew around and we celebrated our 6th birthday and busiest year! We outgrew our little home in Caersws and expanded into our 14,000 sq ft. purpose built honey production unit. Making sure we can keep up with your growing demand of our honey.

The summer months came and saw the beginning of our wonderful collaboration with the release of Goodbye Christopher Robin. To celebrate the release of the film we created a limited edition jar, which are still available now on our website. Don’t forget, we are also running an competition for the chance to win a luxury escape to the real ‘Hundred Acre Woods’ – Ashdown Forest. Haven’t entered yet? Click here you still have a chance of winning!


That wasn’t the only exciting thing to happen in September, our ever popular raw and organic mulitflower honey was used by top chef Jamie Oliver on his Channel 4 Show, Jamies Quick & Easy Food. Making use of our honey as a substitute for sugar – Haven’t thought up any resolutions for New Year yet, why don’t you give it a go?

Our T.V appearances didn’t stop there.. Our Raw Acacia Honey Honey was featured on BBC’s Eat Well For Less in a taste test, based on the lovely tasters taste buds alone, we were announced the winner!

Although we were approaching the end of the year, the excitement didn’t slow down. In October, we proudly launched our Raw Lavender Honey, Raw Acacia Honey and Cut Comb in Honey in a Jar into Tesco stores.

As the festivities approached we announced our ever popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, you definitely made sure we were the busiest of bee’s!

Over that 4 day period we sent out a whopping 166 jars, 95 squeezy bottles, 41 cut combs, 23 of our and 2.5kg catering tubs – overall sending out 142kg of honey!

The last 12 months we have grown as successfully as a pack of Wildflower seeds and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon – join us on our journey in 2018 as we continue to grow and deliver our raw honey products to you that you know and love.


Hilltop Honey Bee Hive

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