Looking for a New Years Resolutions?


Thinking it’s time to head back to the gym, or maybe it’s your New Years resolution to go more often? Planning on getting your healthy lifestyle back on track?

We can’t offer you a solution to get a beach body fast but we can let you in on a subtle change you can make to your daily routine.

Did you know honey is a perfect substitute and healthier alternative to sugar? Raw honey is full of natural vitamins and enzymes unlike sugar.

So, why not make it your New Years resolution to swap some of your unhealthy sugars with our raw honey.

Why not try swapping sugar for honey, in your tea, coffee or even on your cereal in the mornings and see the health benefits yourself!

Pick yourself up a jar of our honey and let us know your results – lets kick this resolutions bee-hind!


Substitute Sugar with Honey in Tea 

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