Hilltop X Chefs for Foodies

Hilltop X Chefs for Foodies

If there’s one thing we love here at Hilltop HQ, it’s food! We’re huge advocates for taking a walk on the wilder side when it comes to kitchen creations- and, of course, we’re passionate about adding honey to most of our meals! There’s nothing quite like the sweet twist that honey can bring to an otherwise ordinary dish- and when it comes to cakes and baking it’s a staple around here.

With this in mind, this week we’re super excited to tell you about our latest project, as we’ve teamed up with the amazing Chefs for Foodies to bring you a super sweet deal! Read on to find out more about our collaboration, how you can take part to become a culinary whizz- plus how you can get with an exclusive 30% off!

What’s cooking?

Chefs for Foodies is a unique food-loving community, where you can expand on- or establish from scratch- at-home cooking skills with real-time professional advice from qualified chefs around the country. The live stream classes are designed to be as interactive as possible, so you can ask questions, get advice and learn from the best, all while you cook alongside them.

To join, simply select a class and choose the date that suits you. Chefs for Foodies send you the recipe box with everything you need to complete you creation. Clever, huh?

Our collaboration

So how and why are Hilltop Honey getting involved? Well, top pastry chef Silvia Leo specifically asked to use some of our golden magic in her latest recipe, Honey Lemon Log… so how could we refuse?! Honey and lemon are an amazing combination, so naturally we’re inspired and ready to learn!

Silvia Leo is an Italian pastry chef based in London; her Chefs for Foodies classes span across all ages and abilities- including children and most of her classes are family friendly. Some of her previous recipes on the Chefs for Foodies site just look absolutely divine! We simply cannot wait to try her Honey Lemon Log, specially created with our delicious honey as the central ingredient. How about you?

Get involved!

Since our beloved Hilltop Honey is the main focus of the Honey Lemon Log, Chefs for Foodies are offering you 30% off the recipe box so that you can cook along at home, learning from the best! The video class will take you though the whole process- from making a light sponge, to whipping up a velvety mascarpone filling, to finishing it all off with a nut crumble complimented with a light honey Chantilly cream… Oh. My. We’re so excited about this!

Save 30%

Get your hands on this amazing deal and prepare yourself for a delicious honey-based delight- simply use code WELCOME30 when you checkout! Once you’ve ordered your box and booked your class, you’ll receive a unique link with details on how to join your live cook-along. Your box will be delivered with everything you need- and the rest is up to you! 

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