World Environment Day at Hilltop

We love our planet here at Hilltop HQ and we’re passionate about protecting it too. We believe it’s up to all of us to take ownership now, to preserve the future for our children, and their children after them. As a business and as individuals, we’re always keen to ensure that the actions we take today don’t end up harming the planet we want to wake up to tomorrow. We celebrate World Environment Day every year because it’s a fantastic opportunity to get more of you on board with our way of thinking- of course, with a particular focus on our favourite buzzy friends: bees! And if you’re a Hilltop fan, you’ll know exactly why.

Without bees, our planet simply would not survive. These amazing creatures work tirelessly to ensure that crops around the world are able to grow, that eco-systems are able to thrive and our planet is able to provide us with the quality of life we need. But the scary thing is that we humans don’t always fully appreciate all that they do. The future of bees is under threat, and if we don’t protect them, things could take a very scary turn.

Doing our bit at Hilltop Honey

Because we know how important bees are- and because we’re dedicated to ensuring they’re protected and able to thrive- you might notice that we do things a little differently at Hilltop Honey. We owe a LOT to the bee and we’re committed to giving back, as a business for good and not for profit.

We know we have a responsibility to safeguard the future for everyone- and we do this through carefully selected suppliers, by sourcing fully traceable honey and by only using sustainable packaging, with zero food waste production. Our packaging is sustainably sourced- all outer packaging is FSC registered and our glass jars, plastic bottles and plastic caps are all recyclable.

From our Bee Welfare policy to our Adopt a Bee package- with 25% of profits from those sales going to the Honeypot Charity- we’re also committed to helping YOU make a difference too. This is a journey, and we don’t proclaim to be perfect… but we honestly are trying!

Doing your bit, too

World Environment Day may have been last week, but that does’t mean we only care about this stuff once a year. It’s vital that we continue to spread awareness of the small things we can all do to make a difference every single day. By supporting us here at Hilltop Honey, you’re doing more than you could ever know!

Every time you buy a bottle of our delicious (if we say so ourselves!) honey, you’re helping to protect the bees that produce it for you. You’re helping to ensure that we can continue to support local communities, while at the same time preserving and protecting our shared planet too.

Every time you buy our amazing new lip balm, you’re helping to further protect our planet- by not only choosing a product that celebrates the awesome abilities of bees, but one that shuns the traditional cosmetics offerings too. Our lip balm is made using just six natural ingredients (with beeswax as the hero, of course!) and is packaged in 100% biodegradable materials. No nasties, no plastic, no turning back!

Every single time you choose Hilltop Honey, you choose to fight against the damage that’s been inflicted on our planet, and you choose to help restore its beauty instead. How amazing are you?!