Buy British Day

What does Buy British Day mean to us?

Buy British Day has featured on the Hilltop calendar since it began in 2014. It’s a chance for us- as consumers ourselves- to get behind amazing British brands and really shout about them to all who will listen. It’s an amazing opportunity for us to celebrate British brands, and to give back to our communities as much as we can. But what does Buy British Day mean to Hilltop as a business?


Why we celebrate Buy British Day

We’re literally buzzing about the achievements we’ve made as a small business since our humble beginnings back in 2011.

And in more recent years, all British businesses have faced extraordinary challenges- so to be where we are today is definitely something to shout about! In fact, there are so many amazing British brands who, like us, have weathered a fair few storms (hello, global pandemic!) and yet still live to tell the tale. Now that really is something to celebrate.

We’re a local business operating in Newtown near Powys, Wales. We support our community via various endeavours, including our Community Fund. We try to give back as much as we can to the locals to helped us grow- and each time you buy from us, you’re helping too.

But we also celebrate Buy British Day for another important reason. We support this initiative because we want more people to shop local, and to support small British brands wherever possible. This helps to cut down on unnecessary carbon emissions and keeps prices low too.

At Hilltop, we’re proud to be part of a global effort to reduce harmful emissions- and our goal is to support and help more businesses across Britain to lower their carbon footprint as much as possible.

Celebrate with us!

Buy British Day is so important because it gives small British brand the chance to shine. But it also gives you as consumers more power to invest in brands who are born and bred right here in Britain.

Brands who support local communities and boost local economies by providing work opportunities. Brands who are committed to bringing you the finest products that don’t require costly shipping processes that are detrimental to our planet. Brands like us!


Made by British Bees

We’re proud to produce British honey and we want the world to know it! Our beautiful buzzy friends here in Britain work tirelessly to bring you amazing flavours that are unique to us- and they’re best sellers for a reason!

Browse our range and discover the our beloved British Blossom Honey, scoured in the UK from British bee-keepers and perfect for everyday use with it’s sweet, floral notes. We also recommend our British Soft Set Honey for its delightful light flavour and sumptuous buttery texture.

These two honeys are fantastic when used in our amazing Chocolate and Banana Mug Cake or our classic Hilltop Honey Scones.

Fans of our Welsh Blossom Honey will also attest to its light, floral taste and perfect versatility when it comes to whipping up a treat for the tastebuds. Also great for everyday use (we’re talking drizzled over porridge, or spooned into a mug of tea), the Welsh Blossom honey is a fantastic replacement for sugar too. Try our Welsh Honey Loaf Cake and see for yourself!

Last, but absolutely 100% not least, we have our Scottish Heather Honey, sourced from Scottish bee-keepers and absolutely delicious with a delicate flavour and smooth texture. Scottish heather blooms twice a year, in early summer and late summer/ early autumn- and the honey our bees produce is quite distinctive.

Fans agree that this one has a rich, almost caramel taste, so it’s perfect for indulgent baking. Try our Scottish Heather Honey Cake and let us know what you think!


How you can support Buy British Day

Here at Hilltop, we are so grateful to each and every one of you. Each time you buy our honey, like our social posts and spread the word on our bee-rilliant range, you are doing something amazing. You can support Buy British Day by continuing to support us, and other amazing British brands you love.

Finally, help us to protect the bees. Create a buzz about the importance of bees and how to care for them. Plant some bee-friendly plants in your garden or window box. Make a bug hotel. Get the kids involved. We need our bees- and Hilltop needs you!