Sugar Awareness Week at Hilltop

Its Sugar Awareness Week and here at Hilltop HQ we’re up for the five day challenge… are you? Can you go five days without sugar? Five whole days? Of course you can! Here are our top tips for making it through, along with a few reasons why it’s a challenge we all should embrace in 2022. PLUS, we’re sharing five really simple swaps you can make this week too- and who knows, maybe you can make it a little longer than five days?!

What is Sugar Awareness Week?

Did you know that as a nation, we consume around 140 teaspoons of sugar per week? That’s a LOT of sugar! And since sugar can lead to the onset of many health conditions- such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and tooth decay- it’s clear that many of us could actually do with making some changes. That’s where Sugar Awareness Week comes in.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the health benefits linked to reducing sugar intake, setting a challenge to go sugar free for five days- and we think its a brilliant idea!

Easy sugar free swaps to help you out

So you’re up for the challenge? Hoorah! But you’ve got a sweet tooth, right? You’re not alone. And luckily, we’ve got some great swaps to get you through this. And yes, they’re all honey based. Well, what else did you expect?

Honey is actually sweeter than sugar, so you need less of it, plus it has a lower GI value too. This means that it doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels as quickly, and- of course- it also has a vast array of health benefits to boot. Swapping out sugar for honey is a no-brainer, really! Here are just a few to try:

  • Swap your usual sugary coffee for one sweetened with honey instead. Also works for tea and smoothies too. In fact, we’d go so far as to say your morning brew will taste better with honey, anyway! Try our delicious squeezy Blossom Honey for a quick sweet fix.
  • Craving a sugary dessert? Substitute sugar for honey in your baking, and you’ll stay on track during Sugar Awareness Week. Who doesn’t love a good honey and oat banana bread? This is a great recipe to try.
  • Drizzle on top of your cereal. Ditch the sugar at breakfast time and top your cereal with honey instead. You don’t need much, and you won’t look back, we promise! For an extra special treat, we recommend breaking up some of our amazing cut comb slabs- just scatter it over your porridge- yum!
  • Drink hot water with lemon and honey in place of sugary cough syrups. It’s cold season, so lots of us are reaching for sweet, syrupy remedies… but all you need is a spoonful of honey. Our Manuka Honey is amazing for this, thanks to its awesome health benefits- read more about natural remedies using honey here.

Going sugar free: our tips

We’re not saying it’s going to be easy. Sugar is highly additive, and cutting it out for even just one day can be incredibly difficult. Humans, by nature, are creatures of habit- and it’s breaking those habits that can be most challenging. But this is just five days. You can do it!

Here are three tips to help you out…

  • Break your routine. If you start the day with a strong cup of coffee, sweetened up with a spoon or two of sugar, then why not switch it up a little? Changing your morning routine even just slightly can break the habit, so why not go for a walk (if you have time) or even jump in the shower a little earlier than usual. Or maybe it’s late night snacking that has to reaching for the sugary treats? Try engaging in a different activity this week, one that takes you away from the snack cupboard and away from temptation. It’s amazing how quickly you can build new habits that can serve you better in the long run.
  • Keep a journal. When you start the challenge, take note of how challenging it really is. Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms? Headache? Irritability? Lack of energy? Keep a journal throughout the challenge, and as these common symptoms ease, you might find the better you feel, the more motivated you become.
  • Do your research. Read more into the effects of consuming too much sugar, and reflect on the impact that quitting it can have on your life. Lots of people report that improvements in their emotional and physical wellbeing is enough to keep them off the sugar way beyond the five day mark.