Two Ways to use Honey as a Natural Remedy

Regular readers and customers will agree- that to say we’re HUGE fans of honey here at Hilltop HQ is more than a little bit of an understatement! But did you know it’s not just the super sweet deliciousness that has us buzzing with excitement? Of course, there’s nothing we enjoy more than a slice of thick toast slathered in honey (yum!), but our precious bees actually provide us with a lot more than just food. Honey has been used in natural medicine for centuries now- so we thought we’d share a little more about its super powers. Here are just two ways to use honey as a natural remedy… let us know if you try it too!

Sore throat and cold

It’s safe to say that we’ve well and truly said goodbye to summer with the drop in temperatures and the shorter days. And while we love a change of season- and especially autumn!- the evolving weather tends to bring with it a seemingly constant stream of coughs, colds and sore throats. If you’ve fallen prey to the good old sniffles recently, you have our sympathy! Next time, make sure you reach for the honey pot as a natural remedy to treat your symptoms…

Honey works so well to soothe a sore throat because it has some pretty amazing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. This means that just one or two spoonfuls of our delicious sweet nectar, mixed with warm water, is enough to provide relief and ease symptoms of the good old common cold.

How to use honey to treat a sore throat: One of the best ways has to be a generous spoonful added to a nice hot cup of tea! It brings back memories of childhood AND it tastes so delicious too!

Which honey to use: Our scrumptious Manuka Honey is perfect for treating a sore throat that comes with a winter cold. Derived from the Maunka tree, this honey has some pretty awesome superpowers, thanks to its high levels of antibacterial elements.

Dry skin 

Honey has a long history as an effective tool in your skincare regime- and especially as the days turn colder and we crank up the central heating. Going from cold and windy weather outside, to warm and toasty inside can play havoc with your skin, and that’s where honey comes in to it.

To treat dry skin, you simply need to apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin and let it sit for 15-20 minutes while it works it’s magic. When the time’s up, rinse it away and gently pat dry. That’s it!

Plus, don’t forget the lips (chapped lips are never a good look!) And grab one of our beeswax lip balms next time you make an order.

Which honey to use: Again, Manuka honey is amazing for treating dry skin and can provide soothing relief for minor skin conditions caused by the drop in temperature.

So there you have it. Why not gift one of our gorgeous gift sets to someone you love today- and help them stay protected against the autumn germs!