Something rather exciting is happening here at Hilltop Honey HQ! We’re all in a spin, celebrating our super sweet collaboration with the amazing LANDMANN- and we want to let you know how YOU can enter to win this summer’s must-have prize! Read on to find out more about the prize, how you can enter and- most importantly- why you should be excited about this too!

Why LANDMANN x Hilltop?

We’re a little bit picky about who we team up with. Our partners need to hold the same values as we do, with a stake in doing what’s right for our planet, their customers and their community too. So we were delighted to be able to collaborate with the prestigious LANDMANN, creators of the original ‘three-legged grill’ back in 1966, now proudly offering an amazing range of smokers, high-temperatures grills, and gas barbecues. LANDMANN believe that every day is a barbecue day- in fact, they’re on a mission to “offer every type of barbecuer innovative products in high quality at a fair price.” Sounds good to us!

LANDMANN have been true to their barbecue roots since 1966, growing, expanding and innovating along the way. We love their passion for grilling, their drive to improve and their dedication to bringing their customers the best products they possibly can- so, seeing as honey is quite simply the BEST barbecue accompaniment, teaming up with LANDMANN was absolutely a no-brainer!

So, what’s the prize?

Hold on to your hats, because the prizes on offer for this collaboration are amazing! Our first prize winner will receive a LANDMANN Front BBQ with built-in air fryer, with cover, BBQ accessories and a super sweet Hilltop Honey bundle.


We’ve also got two runner-up prizes on offer: one lucky runner-up will receive a LANDMANN Triton 4.1 Maxx 4 Burner BBQ and honey bundle, and one will receive an amazing three month membership to the LANDMANN BBQ cooking academy, where they can pick up essential grilling tips from Michelin-starred chefs!

Amazing huh?

The important bits

So here’s what you need to know about entering this amazing giveaway:

  • Competition runs between July & August- 1.7.22- 31.8.22
  • It’s free to enter- no purchase necessary
  • Entrants must be over the age of 18, and ID may be required

Hurry- enter here now, or grab one of our promotional bottles in-store and follow the instructions there. Good luck!

A little something to sweeten the deal…

We couldn’t resist; allow us to let you in on a little secret. Honey is one of the most versatile (and delicious!) foods that ever existed, and we’re so excited to tell you more about how you can elevate your grilling efforts this summer!

Honey pairs perfectly with a wide variety of savoury foods, infusing into meat to bring you that melt-in-the-mouth juicy texture, helping to bring a crisp where it’s needed and adding just the right amount of sweetness to keep your guests wanting more. Honey can transform the delicious into delectable with just one easy squirt- and it’s a great sugar alternative too, so perfect to indulge in every single day.

And because every day is barbecue day, we wanted to share some of our very favourite honey-inspired recipes. We want you to experience that ‘when sweet met savoury’ moment every day- and here’s where to start.

  • A good honey for spice lovers has to be our Hilltop Hot Honey- perfect for drizzling over sausages, chicken, burgers, fish, halloumi… ok, anything that grills! Try our honey & chilli prawn skewers, or our grilled sweet chilli halloumi. Oh, and we LOVE this recipe for our DELICIOUS too.
  • If spice isn’t your thing, no worries. Try our amazing, simple summer salad, perfectly sweetened with cut comb honey. Definitely a side dish that won’t get left to wilt in the sun! Oh! And you should also try our amazing honey and lemon salad dressing
  • No barbecue is complete without our famous sticky party sausages, using our original Hilltop Honey to provide just the right amount of sweetness that your guests are going to love.
  • Ok, so let’s talk drinks. Because when it comes to barbecues with friends, we all need a super sweet cocktail in our lives! Our Mint Too Bee cocktail has all the summer vibes you need, with vodka, fresh lime to make it zing in all the right places!




A final word on grilling…

Don’t be afraid to introduce your honey to some high heats this summer. Grilling with honey is an amazing way to bring new flavours to your meals, because there are just so many ways to do it. Coat, glaze or drizzle, honey instantly adds a special something to your barbecue. When heated, it’s able to bind ingredients together perfectly, it can add a gorgeous crisp to your meats, and it can prolong marinated dressings so that they can stored away and brought out again the next day. Honey is so easy to work with, just as long as you follow these easy tips:

  • Take it slow. Honey can burn easily, so you need to treat it with care and get to grips with your grill before you start.
  • Blend your honey with oil or juice before using it to glaze your meat. This will reduce the chances of burning, and bring you an amazing flavour too.
  • Understand the hot spots of your grill. As some foods cooker quickly than others, you need to know where to position them as you cook, and therefore how quickly your honey-glazed delights are most likely to thrive
  • Follow recipes. Honey can thicken sauces and marinades, so no guessing, if you want them to come out perfectly each time.

Have fun!