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Mānuka HONEY MGO 500+
Anne Jennifer Dawson

A 5 star service in every respect.


I wouldn’t buy my honey anywhere else and so far this is my favourite but I haven’t tried them all YET!

Natural is best

Natural, great tasting efficient energy! SImple cant beat what mother nature provides, I love this stuff!

Lovely Honey, Great Pack Size, Good Value

Lovely Honey, Great Pack Size, Good Value

Blossom Honey
Chris Ingham
poor service

UPS delivery was dire
Ordered two 3.17kg tubs
One tub missing, presumed destroyed, other tub covered in honey, reboxed by UPS and delivered to me with no explanation
Contacted Hilltop, had to send photos of everything, they sent a single replacement tub, but did not replace the tub which looked as if it been kicked around in the back of some UPS warehouse, and arrived covered in detritus
Not impressed, would not order from Hilltop again, rubbish customer service
Was going to go back to them to ask for recompense, but decided not worth it
Does anyone read these reviews?
Will hilltop read this review
Will it change anything...... I'm waiting, Mr Hilltop

Can't live without this!

Seriously, this dark 100% maple syrup is AMAZING!!! The flavour is so rich and caramel like. I add it as a sweetener and caramel flavour to coffee, on cereal, in cooking in so many ways. After tasting 100% pure maple syrup as opposed to a blend of maple syrup and sugar syrup, you will always buy the Hilltop pure....the flavour is exceptional! Highly, highly recommend.

So versatile

Anywhere you use sugar, agave nectar is an amazing substitute. If you make home made cold fruit drinks, agave nectar blends beautifully. A fantastic all rounder.
Despatch and delivery were incredibly speedy. Despatched and received in just over 24 hours. Very pleased with the product, service and delivery.

Brillaint balm

works juts as it says on the carboard ;) I agree with the other comments about tin. The lid easily comes off and also the top of the lid also comes off frequently. Of course this doesn't effect the product. I now use as my at work balm to stop losing the lid.

No chance of any damage

I bought the gels after using a sample given in a 10k running race finishers goody bag. The gel was good and easy on the stomach. So I ordered a box. The packaging was larger than expected and filled with styrofoam pellets which i considered to be a bit over the top. Not sure of the enviromental effect but surely not necessary.

Delicious honey

Excellent honey, light and tasty. Honeycomb chewy,ideal on cereal or fruit.Definitely will be buying again

Game changer

I've tried other sports gel. This is one agrees with me. I'm in training for a marathon, so I've used it at 10 miles. I dont feel so tired after my long runs. Absolutely would recommend you give it a go.

Good energy!

With the honey content, obviously very sweet. I think the strawberry has a stronger flavour than the blueberry. Actually quite like the fact that the thick consistency of the gel means I have to eat it slowly. Felt really good for quite a while after I had it.

Game changer

In training for a marathon, this drink has helped on runs, long and short. No muscle tiredness. Give it ago

Newbie to hilltop

Used these on two long runs & not only taste nice they gave me the added boost I needed plus gentle on the tummy too !

Carob Syrup
Anthony Hancock
Good stuff

I first came across this product in Aldi’s and decided to give it a try. It’s cheaper that what I have been using which is a huge plus for a benefits free pensioner, and also a huge plus is that it’s far superior to anything I’ve tried so far, well done all around


Quality product at a reasonable price, delivered promptly.

Fantastic company with great honey.

We love using Hilltop honey for our family's honey. Beautiful tasting ans high quality honey. Hilltop are a highly reputable business with impeccable honey. Their customer service is second to none. Thank you.

Runny honey.

I love the honey on my morning porridge.

I want my HONEY!

I love this honey, it tastes great and makes me feel like the honey monster. Only natural sweetner for me. I will buy this again.

Best honey

Just received our order of runny honey the best honey we have tasted. My husband will have nothing else on his porridge

Mānuka HONEY MGO 500+
Amazing honey

Great for sore throat, morning breakfast

Blossom Honey
Dylan Jones

Excellent, timely service and a great product. The team were absolutely excellent throughout. Will be ordering from them again!

A lovely honey to put on your morning porridge

They came from Hilltop promptly, nice to buy them direct as the supermarkets stock is unreliable.
It has a rich flavour and you just feel it’s doing you a bit of good, why not !

Great lip balm ..really helped my winter dry
lips ..and no iffy ingredients ...

Does not crsystalize

Nice taste