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Lovely variety of honey and maple syrup.

The Taster Bundle I received was everything I had hoped for from Hilltop. The cut comb slap is particularly delicious. Great products at a reasonable price. Well done!

Honey energy gel 12 x30g

Very pleased with this product, well packaged and arrived on time .

Missing bottle

Bought for a present , tried to order the bottle as it was meant to be a free gift . Entered code but not accepted .


Love this honey I've had a bad chest since having covid ,and I'm halfway through my first jar and feeling the benefits of it I've just ordered two more Thank-you

Great for sensitive skin!

After finding this product by accident I’ve immediately stocked up and will be buying again in the future. I have allergies that affect my skin and struggle to find things that don’t set these off - this is perfect and is very gentle. I would LOVE to see a whole skincare range with similar ingredients!

Reusable Gel Pouch

Bought along with the larger packs of honey. Ideal for using on longer runs, and the measurements for gauging equivalent portions of the individual gels is great. Cuts down on the plastic waste, so big thumbs up for that too.

We're so glad you like our honey gel pouches!

Best natural energy gels

Brilliant natural energy honey gels with no dubious ingredients, perfect for long distance running and they taste delicious. Great idea having the larger packs and the reusable pouch, perfect for cutting down on plastic waste.

Thank you for your review - we love to keep our products simple but effective...and tasty! We're so glad you're enjoying our new energy pouches!

*NEW* Carob Syrup
Marion Bell
Wonderful product

I have a very sweet tooth and have now found this brilliant product to replace sugar in my drinks. It has the benefit of being good for me and has no aftertaste.
I intend to try using it as a replacement for sugar in some recipes. 100% happy with my sugar replacement!

Thank you for trying our new Carob syrup - we're so happy that you enjoy your Hilltop sugar replacement!

Hot Honey
Louis carr
Hot hotter

of you like hot you will Love this but not on cornflakes

Best in tasting

I've been tasting lots of different heather honeys and this one is my favourite. It's a lovely deep amber and has the characteristic heather flavour, reminds me of watching Dr Who and eating honey on toast for tea (a long time ago).

Blossom Honey
Paul Weston
Fantastic taste

The everyday blossom honey has a fabulous taste and is such a beautiful colour. I chose the squeezy bottle, which works well. We got slight crystalisation but leaving it standing in hot water sorted it. I think the next one won't get the chance to crystalise, I will definitely buy more

Christmas Gift

Bought 2 jars of this honey to give as Christmas presents for my sister and my uncle who both love honey.

The Taster Bundle
Patricia Martin
Really nice Honey

Loved the honey I recived. Really enjoyed having fresh honey again at home

great honey! wanted to cut back on refine sugars and thought honey is a better alternative and better for me!

Great performance, difficult to consume

The gel worked brilliantly for me in terms of energy boost. My legs felt like wings! However the one big pouch to "save plastic" was very difficult. There are no instructions about dosage so I guessed based on what individual gels usually look like and had to decant into my own mini zip bags in order to carry on me for my run. So no plastic saving at all and doing that is messy and sticky. I had to carry the last 2 in my hands for leaking over my clothes. And I couldn't share with others. I think if you want to save plastic then you need to provide some other suitable vessel. The picture implies a little orange thing, so I'd assumed there would be something. There was nothing to buy separately except a water bottle and nothing included with the gel. Shame because it's the best gel I've tried but the most inconvenient to use.

Tasty and effective

I love these gels, I use them when I go hillwalking especially on those long days👍


Very good honey

Manuka Honey

I have had an unpleasant, mystery virus for quite a while and decided to try some Hilltop Manuka honey. I arrived promptly and was well-packaged. It is beautiful honey and I am sure it can often be helpful with its amazing properties. So far half the jar is gone and none will be wasted! Thank you Hilltop Honey.

Christmas Gift

Bought as a Christmas present for my uncle.

Christmas Gift

Bought as a Christmas present for my uncle.

*NEW* Carob Syrup
Jacquelyn Ransome-Jones
Carob Syrup

Great substitute for sugar

Organic Acacia Honey
Anthony Brooks
Just a good xmas!

This order was a xmas gift, so its not been opened yet
I married a welsh girl, so I know it will be acceptable,

*NEW* Carob Syrup
Lauren Edgar
Great sugar replacement!

Have been using this for 3 days in my tea and coffee as I am trying to stop using sugar. I have tried many other syrups and sweeteners and this is honestly brilliant and the closest I have found. Would definitely recommend, you can barely taste the difference

*NEW* Carob Syrup
Magdalena Laura

No sugar in my coffee, carob syrup doing the job!

Easy to use on the bike

This is so much easier to use than the sachets when I'm cycling - especially as it's getting colder while wearing gloves.
The flask is great for allowing me to change the consistency of the gel, by adding a little bit of water I find they go down slightly easier. Thanks Hilltop!