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World Wide Honey Gift Set

The gift set for the adventurer - a range of our world wide 100% pure and natural honeys, including:

Organic Brazilian Mountain Honey 340g
Spanish Lavender Honey 227g
Bulgarian Coriander Honey 340g
Uruguayan Eucalyptus Honey 227g
Spanish Orange Blossom Honey 227g


Why choose World Wide Honey Gift Set

Nut Free
Reuse & Recycle
Perfect for Everyday
Pure & Natural
Single Origin
Hive to Home

Product Description

Organic Brazilian Mountain Honey

Hilltop Organic Brazilian Mountain Honey is foraged by bees from a mixture of wild blooms, sourced from beekeepers, across the mountainous terrain of Brazil.

Hilltop Organic Brazilian Mountain Honey is a produce of organic agriculture and certified by the Soil Association.

Spanish Lavender Honey

Hilltop Spanish Lavender Honey, a delicate nectar, derived from lavender fields of Spain.

Bulgarian Coriander Honey

Hilltop Bulgarian Coriander Honey is gathered by bees from the whimsical umbels of, the aromatic herb, coriander; which is native to Bulgaria.

Uruguayan Eucalyptus Honey

Busy bees forage the nectar of flowering eucalyptus tree, which is vastly grown in Uruguay, to bring you this Speciality, Hilltop Uruguayan Eucalyptus Honey.

Spanish Orange Blossom Honey

Nectar foraged from the blossoming orange groves vastly grown in Spain, brings you this Single Origin, Hilltop Spanish Orange Blossom Honey.

Nutritional Information

Each Honey set from our World Wide Gift Set

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 1306kJ/307kcal;

Fat<0.5g of which saturates <0.1g;

Carbohydrate 76g of which sugars 76g;

Fibre <0.5g;

Protein <0.5g;

Salt 0.03g

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