It's A Match

Here at Hilltop HQ we’re currently buzzing with excitement over our amazing collaboration with Joules! As two brands that love the outdoors and the sweeter things in life, we're thrilled to have created a promotional bottle of honey- and together, we're giving you the chance to win a much-needed break at Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall. There are also 100 gift cards up for grabs too, in celebration of our perfect match with Joules.

And all of this excitement led to us all musing over other bee-rilliant pairings too…

Its no secret that we’re more than a little bit in love with our super clever bees. We love experimenting with new and exciting ingredients to compliment our honey- so over on social we’ve been asking for your opinions on a few classic (and some not so classic) pairings.

We think it’s about time more people knew just how versatile honey can be, so without further ado, we bring to you: It’s a Match. The ultimate guide in beautiful honey duos- matches truly made in heaven!

Why pair foods?

Before we share with you some of our favourite combinations, we wanted to just give you an insight into why we love paring honey with other foods so much. It’s not because we don’t adore the flavour by itself. In fact, its because we love it so much that we literally want to eat it with everything!

And so, here are just five favourable and flavoursome parings that we’ve been shouting about recently. Please do let us know in the comments (or over on Facebook and Instagram) what your favourite pairings are too!

Honey and cheese: It’s a Match!

It’s a classic for a reason. Delicious ingredient pairings like this truly make it all worthwhile when you’re faced with a grey, dull February day. The sweet and savoury combination is just so irresistible, we’d even go so far as to say you can skip the biscuits here! A wedge of cheese and a drizzle of cut comb in acacia honey or even our deliciously warming hot honey is all you need. Amazing.

Try: fig, feta and prosciutto toast.

Honey and Pork: It’s a Match!

Yes, yes, yes! Honey roasted pork is such a classic combination of flavours, and one that most will agree works so well on a cold winter’s day. Add some chilli (or a squeeze of our hot honey), mustard and a sprinkle of cinnamon and you’ve got a delicious belly-warming dish right there.

Try: Sticky Party Sausages or Hilltop Glazed Ham.

Honey and Ginger: It’s a Match

We’ve written before about the amazing health benefits of honey and how it can be paired with lemon and ginger and used as a natural remedy for winter coughs and sore throats. But as a flavour pairing, honey and ginger are just as powerful! A generous dollop of our beautiful Bulgarian Coriander Honey and some fresh ginger will literally transform your next stir fry, or your next curry. See what we mean about versatility?!

Try: Spinach, red lentil and coconut curry- and add some ginger!

Honey and Pancakes: It’s a Match!

Forget lemon and sugar this year- with pancake day coming up, we’re on a mission to get the nation pouring honey instead! If you read our recent post on Sugar Awareness Week, you’ll already know that we advocate for swapping sugar for honey (read our simple swaps ideas here) - and hopefully you’ve taken on the five day no-sugar challenge yourself. If not, there’s still time- so let’s start with pancakes. Drizzle the honey, sprinkle the cut comb… amazing.

Try: Perfect Pancakes