Spanish Orange Blossom Honey


👌 100% pure & natural
😍 Deliciously fragrant & sweet
🐝 Golden with citrus tones
👍 Revitalising in flavour
🍯 Single Origin Honey

When you taste this honey you can imagine the bees gathering the nectar from the sun drenched orange groves, which are vastly grown in Spain, to bring you this Single Origin Honey. This honey is golden in colour, bursting with delicate floral and citrus tones - it’ll taste like summer is on its way with its revitalising flavour.

Delve deeper into our Single Origin Selection and discover for yourself, there’s more to honey.

Hilltop Spanish Orange Blossom Honey is 100% pure and natural, with nothing added or taken away. Made by the best bees in the biz, brought to you by Hilltop.

Serving suggestions:
Perfect for everyday use, an addition to scones and clotted cream, a sweet topping or you can even add to a refreshing summer drink. Honey is very versatile and makes an ideal replacement for refined sugars.

Spread it. Drizzle it. Stir it. Enjoy it.


- Be sure to store at room temperature.
- Crystallisation may naturally occur - but don’t worry, just place in warm water.

Not suitable for infants under 12 months of age

Typical values per 100g:
Energy 1306kJ/307kcal;
Fat<0.5g of which saturates <0.1g;
Carbohydrate 76g of which sugars 76g;
Fibre <0.5g;
Protein <0.5g;
Salt 0.03g

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
William Jones
lovely taste

Lovely tasting honey, service from Hilltop was brilliant as usual but delivery company used this time were useless, box was damaged and delivered to local shop instead of main address.

Penelope Smith

This honey is delicious! It’s the first time I have tried it, I will definitely buy this again! It has a flavour all its own, delicious!

Christmas Gift

Bought 2 jars of this honey to give as Christmas presents for my sister and my uncle who both love honey.

Yvonne Wise
Gummy honey

I initially brought this honey to help with a sore mouth and cold sores. I have been taking a teaspoonful a day and after initially getting used to the taste I now love it. I have no sores in my mouth and or coldsores on my lips and have had none since beginning the honey.
Been taking it nearly 3wks now. I will carry on using it and at some point will try a different flavour?

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