Hilltop Energy Powder 500g

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🍯 Made with 100% natural ingredients.
🏃‍♀️ Providing 30-40 minutes of energy.
🍽 Easily digestible.
❤️Delivering a dual source of carbohydrates.
✔ Certified by Informed Sport.

Introducing Hilltop Energy Powder, our Energy powders are a formulated blend of natural ingredients to keep you hydrated and energised during exercise. Hilltop Energy Powders are perfect to consume pre-race/workout and throughout prolonged bouts of exercise to help you perform at your best. Each batch of Hilltops Energy’s fast-absorbing Energy Powder is tested and informed sport Certified, giving you the confidence and reassurance that you’re fuelling your body the right way.

- Made with 100% natural ingredients utilising the power of nature.
- Providing 30-40 minutes of sustained, slow-release energy with over 34gs of carbohydrates per serving.
- Easily digestible delivering a dual source of carbohydrates to ensure you keep energised throughout your workout.
- Informed Sport approved meaning you can have confidence that you’re Earning Your Stripes the natural way.

Serving suggestions:
- Add 35g to 500ml of water, shake well and consume before or during exercise.
- For a quick boost of Energy, powders can be taken with Hilltop Energy Gels.

Storage instructions:
- Store in a cool, dry place and do not leave open. - Fully reseal pouch between use.

Lemon & Lime Energy Powder Ingredients: Honey Powder, Maltodextrin, Coconut Water Powder, Lemon Powder (5.7%), Lime Powder (5.7%), Sea Salt.

Raspberry Energy Powder Ingredients: Honey Powder, Maltodextrin, Raspberry Powder (11.4%), Coconut Water Powder, Natural Flavourings, Lemon Powder (4.3%), Sea Salt.

Tropical Energy Powder Ingredients: Honey Powder, Maltodextrin, Mango Powder (7.1%), Natural Flavourings, Coconut Water Powder, Lemon Powder (4.3%), Pineapple Fruit Powder (2.9%), Sea Salt, Sweetener (Stevia).

Customer Reviews

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Chris Glover
The best natural energy

I have been using the energy powders to get me through my cycling training sessions and crit races. I love that these are 100% natural and won’t upset my stomach. They taste amazing and dissolves easily.

100% natural indeed Chris! we love your honesty and thank you for your lovely review!

Nature is good

Pleasant tasting & my athletic family like it - only tried the raspberry so far! It took a little while to get the mixing right - we now add a little water to the powder at a time and whisk it up with a fork. Practice makes perfect!

david tinkler
Best ever

Great taste with no bitter or aftertaste. Good energy boost and zero cramps. By far the best product of it type

We love that you enjoy our energy powder!

It definitely is the ideal boost needed when working out or on a long run/bike ride - we can agree that it is the perfect pick-me-upper!


Game changer

In training for a marathon, this drink has helped on runs, long and short. No muscle tiredness. Give it ago


excellent product! This has become my new favorite. I have used the powders before several marathons and love these they have certainly kept me going! Tried every flavour. Lemon & lime is amazing! Great for endurance and 100% natural - just brilliant.


Here at Hilltop Energy we take our products as seriously as you take your performance. Backed by experts in the field we have created a unique range of Gels with all natural ingredients you can trust. We have taken a no-nonsense approach containing only 2 base ingredients; Honey and Salt – that’s it!

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Hilltop Energy Gels give you the fuel to push your boundaries and be the best you can be. Filled with honey to bring you added antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Available in 3 flavours, Original, Strawberry and Blueberry. Whatever your goals are – we can fuel you to get there. Earn your stripes with Hilltop Energy.

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